Nevers Mumba bitter as PF refuses to merge with MMD – Chama

MUMBA, Nevers S
MUMBA, Nevers S

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) secretary-general Davies Chama says MMD president Nevers Mumba has resorted to attacking President Lungu because the opposition leader is allegedly bitter that he failed to compel the ruling party into a merger with his political party.

Mr Chama said Dr Mumba allegedly frequented State House in search for a job but that the PF turned him down after subjecting him to scrutiny.

“It is common knowledge that Dr Mumba frequented State House but we saw that his quest for a merger with the PF would not work well, so he was not successful,” he said.
Mr Chama said in an interview yesterday that PF recollected that Dr Mumba left his political party, the National Christian Coalition.



Mr Chama said the ruling party could not take the risk of getting into a merger with Dr Mumba.
He said the PF opted to deal with committed MMD members such as Senga Hill member of Parliament (MP) Kapembwa Simbao and his Petauke Central counterpart Dora Siliya, who genuinely want to work with the ruling party.

Mr Chama said Dr Mumba has allegedly contributed to the demise of the MMD.

“MMD is a finished party and Dr Mumba wanted to use it as a bargaining tool but fortunately he was not successful in his bid,” he said.

Mr Chama was reacting to a story in the Post newspaper in which Dr Mumba is quoted disparaging President Lungu.

He urged Dr Mumba, as a Christian, to desist from politics of insults.
Mr Chama said it is unfortunate that some politicians resort to insults whenever President Lungu refuses to offer them jobs.


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