Lungu has good intentions, but the caliber of his cabinet is very poor- Niza Phiri

President Lungu
President Lungu

Lungu has good intentions, but the caliber of his cabinet is very poor and make it difficult for him to peform~Niza Phiri
Mr Michael Sata once said the patriotic front had very useless ministers and MPs, we all laughed and thought it was mere rhetoric but now we are realising the extent of the problem.
Most of the problems we are facing as a nation are not down to His excellence, Mr Edgar lungu underperforming, but his ministers are throwing us into serious poverty. The minister of finance for example has not shown any impetus or energy towards stabilizing of our currency, some outlets are even trading in dollar but honourable chikwanda has been very mute on this and many other issues he should be proactive about. The minister of energy has made countless errors , inducing fuel shortages because ,he had ordered the wrong fuel, loadshedding issues are also his burden, apart from the eratic rainfall, has the honourable minister counterchecked the new turbines installed at kafue gorge? Has he explored all the options available to us?


After watching the honourable minister of information, on ZNBCs the assignment,most of us were left wondering if, with all due respect ,the Honourable , Mr kambwili was in the right frame of mind ? Because all he did was embarrass the head of state.
President lungu has zambian interests at heart but the caliber of ministers around him is very low. There are three or four functional people but the rest where picked by Mr Sata because they were loyal and popular not because they had any useful credentials. Most who have met and interacted with some of these people would tell you that they cringe, because we are living dangerously , if these are the people we have entrusted the affairs of our country with, we are headed for disaster. His excellence is taking a lot of criticism from the general public that should instead be heaped on these individuals. If a child is underperforming, we cant blame the father continously, for he has done his part for taking that child to school, its the childs responsibility to perform. Lets learn to separate roles of different members of the cabinet from presidential roles. The president can not develop this country alone, he relys on his team, as no one man is a master of all trades. His excellence should consider overhauling his cabinet, and replacing it with functional individuals otherwise we are headed for catastrophe as a nation if it stays this way.