Burglars kill 71 year old man

Copperbelt police chief Joyce Kasosa
Copperbelt police chief Joyce Kasosa

A 71-YEAR-OLD man of Lubengele township in Chililabombwe died instantly after two burglars who broke into his house struck him in the head with an iron bar, Copperbelt commissioner of police Joyce Kasosa has said.
Ms Kasosa said in an interview yesterday that Peter Mutema of house number L26 was murdered on Saturday night.


“Two criminals broke into Mr Mutema’s house as he was sleeping but when he heard the noise, he moved from his bedroom to the living room, where he met the criminals, who hit him with an iron bar on the head and he died instantly,” she said.


Ms Kasosa said the suspects fled the scene and left a blood-stained iron bar in the yard.
She said police are yet to make arrests.



  1. Now these pics do not potray the reall meaning,how can some one smile when the news is about death. Do we smile when some one is died?