PF should stop focusing on by-elections & resolve UNZA impasse-HH


Friends, we are calling on the PF Government to immediately resolve the UNZA impasse.
Here is our full statement on the subject:
While the PF is busy campaigning for yet more bye elections and flying around the world at great expense we daily receive news from our brothers and sisters regarding important sectors that have either been promised but not delivered, or that have come to a grinding halt.

These are not just any sectors, but those that are instrumental for progress. Sectors which would improve the lives of many Zambians, open up opportunities and help move the country grow.
In recent weeks the impasse at the University of Zambia has continued with no end in sight affecting the reopening of the institution and critical departments such as the School of Medicine.
UNZA teaching staff are currently withholding students’ results over outstanding payments such as gratuities and other allowances.



This is once again a clear case of misplaced priorities by our colleagues in leadership who value lavishly spending in bye elections more than critical areas such as health and education.
Is it not pure hypocrisy that President Edgar Lungu was busy opening Kalumbila District Hospital in Solwezi as an election gimmick while the UNZA School of Medicine that should provide doctors and medical personal is among those that is currently affected with delays in opening?
The School was scheduled to open on 31st August but remains closed together with other departments at the highest training institution, and the PF Government is inspiring little confidence that it is addressing the delay.



We are calling on the PF Government to give an immediate update on the UNZA impasse and an explanation for delays in sorting out the problems affecting the institution, rather than intimidating and threatening the teaching staff with dismissals.
The arrogance of the PF Government is shown in the way they fail to solve even the seemingly small issues, but expect the Zambian people to trust them in handling bigger issues such as crippling power deficit leading to job losses in mining and other sectors due to poor management of the economic crisis.
It they can fail to deal with such simple projects as a School of Medicine, then it is no surprise that they have failed to manage much bigger tasks such as addressing the weakening of the Kwacha.
They are clearly not up to the job. And, as our supporters are saying, it shows the PF is interested in power and not service.
Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President


  1. not only tht bt the pending job loses as well , this is the tym to do yo home work ba HH if king cobra waz in the oposition things could have happened