PF founder members who left the party after Sata’s death must come back


PATRIOTIC Front (PF) deputy secretary-general Mumbi Phiri has called on founder members who left in anger during wrangles after President Michael Sata’s death to re-join the party.
Ms Phiri said in Kitwe that the PF leadership is ready to welcome all members who have joined various opposition political parties.

She said no political party can meet the people’s aspirations apart from the ruling PF, which she said has stuck to its ideals of serving the poor through the implementation of pro-poor policies.
“Those who left the party in anger should come back. They should not continue wasting time in small opposition parties that do not have any future. Let’s be united. Politics is about numbers,” Ms Phiri said.


She said sanity has returned to the PF after the departure of some people who were causing confusion because of their ‘insatiable appetite to usurp power from Mr Sata’.
Ms Phiri also received defectors from various opposition political parties.
She attacked some opposition party members for allegedly exploiting small-scale farmers by buying maize at K50 per 50-kilogramme bag.


“People who claim to be rich were buying maize at K50 per 50-kg but Government, which cares for farmers, is buying at K75 per bag. Such people should not be taken seriously,” she said.
Former MMD members Joel Malanji and Prince Mushili, who recently joined the PF, said they are happy to be part of an all-inclusive party.


PF member of the central committee Elizabeth Phiri urged youths that have just acquired national registration cards to register as voters.
The voter registration exercise will run from September 11 to November 11.
PF Copperbelt Province chairperson Stephen Kainga and youth chairperson Nathan Chanda said the region is ready for the 2016 general elections and solidly behind President Lungu.




  1. So that u use them and ditch them after elections as Yo boss has said he wl deal with them after elections

  2. This is wat we call desperace it was edgar who said he doesn’t need them to win an election not only that again wen PF resurrected with edgar they started doing way with old member eg lindsay(scot)