Peter Tosh fans set Munda Wanga alight

A man smoking a joint in Chibolya
A man smoking

SMOKE filled the tiny Munda Wanga Botanical Gardens in Lusaka as reggae enthusiasts took turns to smoke marijuana during the Peter Tosh memorial concert on Saturday night.

Draped in Rastafarian colours, the revellers skanked in fashion as they eulogised the late Jamaican reggae guru, who was an ardent advocate of legalising the ‘weed’.



Several local artistes including Burning Youth, True Africans and One Done livened up the event as they belted out reggae rhythms in style.

The artistes also performed Tosh’s songs such Downpressor man, Legalise it and Mystic man.

The show, organised by Conscious Sounds went on until Sunday morning.

There was no room to gatecrash at the K50 entry fee gig as the entrance to Munda Wanga was heavily manned by organisers and police.



Green Party president Peter Sinkamba, who graced the occasion, said he maintains that marijuana should be legalised in Zambia and that if he becomes president of the Republic, he would allow for such.

“Reasons to legalise marijuana started in 1976 for me and the situation is still the same today. When I become president, I stand to legalise marijuana,” Sinkamba said to the excitement of reggae zealots.

“I long predicted that the mines and copper will cripple Zambia and today the situation is there for everyone to see. I am glad that I was invited here! As Greens, we share a lot in common with rastas because we believe in principles of justice and rights for the people.”


Sinkamba said once legalised, marijuana could contribute hugely to Zambia’s economy.

Sinkamba is to Zambia what Peter Tosh was to Jamaica in as far as fighting for the legalisation of the ‘weed’ is concerned.

Whereas Sinkamba uses a political party as his platform, Tosh used a musical band.
Tosh, along with Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer, internationalised reggae muisc and used it as a vehicle to fight oppression of mankind.

He later established himself as a successful solo artiste and a promoter of rastafari. He was gunned down at his home on September 11, 1987.