“He defiled me first & did the same to my friend whilst l watched”

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

KITWE senior resident magistrate Daniel Musonda yesterday found a 17-year-old juvenile with a case to answer immediately after hearing narratives of how he defiled two girls whilst they were taking a shower.
But the juvenile said he was compelled to admit the defilement charge after a mob threatened to kill him on the material day.

One of the girls, aged 10, had narrated earlier that on the material day she was with three of her friends when one suggested that they go to the house of the accused.
“After we ate nshima, we went to bath and whilst bathing he came in the bathroom and he undressed himself. He pushed me against the wall and defiled me first. I was feeling a lot of pain and then he also did the same to my friend,” she said.