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Lungu - Scott
Lungu - Scott

Dr. Guy Scot’s Flawed Judgement of PF Government’s Delivery Under President Lungu

Lusaka, Zambia, 12th September 2015- We noted former Vice President Dr. Guy Scot’s personalised attacks against Press and Public Relations Assistant to the President Mr. Amos Chanda. While Mr. Chanda spoke the truth Dr. Scot hates to hear, Zambians saluted President Lungu’s press aide for his candid, mature and issue-based interview on ZNBC. We do not need to remind Zambians that Dr. Scot has always been anti-Edgar Lungu and pro-Wynter Kabimba. This was manifestly clear following the death of President Micheal Sata when his lack of good judgement nearly plunged Zambia into chaos. He is an incompetent leader whose superiority complex led him to insult South Africans and we now understand why late President Frederick Chiluba fired him as Minister. He proved to be the most reckless Vice President ever at a time the nation needed to pull and hold together. With his weak judgement , he was ready to throw the memory of a man who made him the first white Vice President of Zambia when he almost succeeded in mutilating the PF. He was only defeated by the people’s power and his joining the Edgar Lungu campaign was more cosmetic than real. He can be assured that he will be defeated once more, together with his alliances. He may have his own version of the PF under President Lungu who had been leader for 8 months, but we can assert with confidence that his assessment is informed by the fact that his desired stooge never became President.

While the Opposition and people like Dr. Scot are busy judging President Lungu on the basis of the load shedding and weak Kwacha, we want to assure Zambians that while the deficit leading to the load shedding is about 500 Mega Watts, ZESCO is importing in excess of 100 Mega Watts to compensate for the deficit. Further President Lungu is working hard to address this unfortunate situation and whether the Opposition and Cartel like it or not, load shedding shall be a thing of the Past. Zambians would wish to know that a New 750 Mega watts power plant coming under President Lungu. This is part of the long-term measures government is taking in response to the current power deficit.

By the time we go for elections, both the Cartel and Opposition will have no issues to talk about except to insult the person of President Edgar Lungu.

We are putting it to Dr. Scot, the Opposition and Cartel that Come 2016, President Lungu will get re-elected to Office for another 5 years. We are saying again that the person to dislodge PF from power is not born yet!

Lastly, we wish to assure the Opposition, including those barked by the Cartel that we will defeat them. This is because Political excitement based on passing shadows ( such as load shedding which came about because of Mother Nature and the weak currency due happenings in the global economy , compounded by China’s reduced appetite for our Copper and Zambia’s failure to Diversify the economy over the past 51 years) does not win elections. Let them find new issues to talk about if they want to come anywhere close.

Patriotic Front – PF
Dr. Guy Scot's Flawed Judgement of PF Government's Delivery Under President Lungu
Dr. Guy Scot’s Flawed Judgement of PF Government’s Delivery Under President Lungu


  1. This corps like creature Amos Chanda , is so anoying ! Who on earth would support what is happening to mother Zambia ?

  2. Ifyabupuba! One wud wish Scott had gone upto 2016! Let me send u to buy dollars for me!

  3. Lusaka voice, is this a one man facebook media? I just see copy and paste type of news just like Mwebanthu new media