Express freight train on track for Zambia, Zim, Mozambique

Express freight train
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An express freight train linking Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia could commence operations as early as next week, according to Mozambican state port and railway company, CFM.

Linking the countries, the train would cover an approximate distance of 1 000km, within ten days.

Chairman of CFM, Victor Gomes, says the fundamental aim is to return rail-friendly cargo, such as fertilisers leaving the Beira port and copper arriving from Zambia, back to rail.

Gomes said the line was the result of a study conducted by the Southern Africa Rail Association (SARA), which indicated a need to reactivate 11 corridors, with priority given to the Beira corridor.

Railway safety, handling and cargo transportation time, rolling stock, locomotives and freight cars, were all discussed during a technical meeting in Beira between the Mozambican state company, National Railways of Zimbabwe and Zambia Railways Limited this week.

SourceĀ Transport World Africa

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