UPND to shun Zambia’s 51st independence anniversary

Masaiti Constituency, Copperbelt Province, UPND HH

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has hinted that it plans to shun this year’s 51st independence celebrations in protest at the current economic hardships Zambians are facing.


The opposition political party feels it does not make sense to wine and dine at State functions when a majority of the people in the country are struggling to survive.
UPND Deputy Spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo has told QFM News via telephone that the party will instead engage in charity work by making donations of various goods to the underprivileged in society.


Mr. Lifwekelo says while 24th October is an important day for all Zambians, the PF has diluted the essence of celebrating it.
Meanwhile, Every Home for Christ Regional Director Richard Kakuwa says there is no need for politicians to shun Independence Day celebrations because 24th October is a national day and not a PF event.
Bishop Dr. Kakuwa says this is the time for all Zambians to show each other love.


He says the government has even done well to come up with a theme that is encouraging Zambians despite their political affiliation to reconcile and open new chapters in life.



  1. It’s typical of Zambian politics even the current government was doing the same when it was in opposition. sivinthu mu zed

  2. Wat does it min to be independent coz we r slaves under PF eg loadsheding,pipo lossing jobs ,food z expesive

  3. Is Tht New 2 Us I Think I KNow Upnd Has A Selfish Political Party, Wat Upnd Doesn't No Is Tht Their Are Very Open 2 Us By Telling Us Tht We Should Not Vote 4 Them, Coz A Leader Should B A Good Example 2 Us Rejeacting Indpt Celebration Will Not Take Upnd Anywhere. Coz We Are Now Used 2 The Tribe Party.