Electricity imports start


ZESCO yesterday started importing 148 megawatts (MW) of power from a ship docked at the port of Beira in Mozambique.
In an interview in Lusaka yesterday, Zesco spokesperson Henry Kapata said the power utility started importing power from the ship owned by Aggreko of Scotland.


“We started importing the 148 megawatts of power today [yesterday] in the morning. This has given us hope that the increased load shedding that we are experiencing will reduce coupled with the usage of gas stoves and energy-saving bulbs in our homes as we continue to ration our little power.


“We are not happy that our customers are complaining of load shedding and it is for this reason that we are doing everything possible to normalise the situation,” Mr Kapata said.




  1. These are the urgent measures that our leaders need to come up with in order to cushion the power deficit.Any tangible solution from the educated elite economist businessman HH and UPND?