Man dupes public K20 000 pretending to be recruiting them for police training

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A 26 year old man of Kitwe has been arrested for duping unsuspecting members of the public out of K19,200 on the pretext that it was part of recruitment for police training.


Frederick Musongole of Chimwemwe Township duped more than 70 people from whom he collected different amounts ranging from K300 to K1,000.
Copperbelt Police chief Joyce Kasosa confirmed the arrest and that he would be slapped with various counts for the theft.


Ms Kasosa said the suspect was nabbed last week on Wednesday after he was reported to the Police by scores of people he collected money from.
“A man has been arrested for purporting to be recruiting people for police training and collected money from a number of victims,” she said.
She said the suspect claimed he was working with other people who were currently being pursued by Police.


Ms Kasosa said it was regrettable that people were duped out of money over the Police recruitment process which was free of charge.
“We had even put a warning to our notice board that people should not give money to anybody for the Police recruitment process because that is free,” Ms Kasosa said.
Police findings indicated that the suspect started collecting money from people soon after the publication in the media of selected candidates for Police training.


The suspect managed to convince people that he had links with top officials in the Police hierarchy who would facilitate their recruitment once they paid money.
It was then that people started paying money with the understanding that once all the preparations were put in place, a Police truck was going to be sent to Chimwemwe to pick them up from a central location.


All the people who had paid money were told to be on the alert as the truck would get there anytime including at night.
With that conviction, some people started spending nights at the suspect’s place not wanting to be caught off guard in case the truck came in the night.
After spending countless nights, some people got fed up and started demanding to be refunded but when this could not be so, they reported the suspect to the Police.