Chilufya Tayali
Chilufya Tayali

We are very convinced that our current economic problems are not just due to the global market shocks but much more owed to Zambia’s open free trade with the World and open foreign exchange market.
Currently, Zambia has no production backbone to compete on the open global or regional market because our agriculture sector is not developed and there are no industries to satisfy local demand, later on outside markets.


Zambia has become the dumping site for all sorts of products including wastes such as second hand underwear.


It is, therefore, necessary for Government to face the reality and take austerity measures to save the economy and revive the manufacturing industry.


Government need to review all the trade bilateral and multilateral agreements that it has entered into because Zambia is not benefiting as much as Countries with developed agriculture sector and industry.
Government should consider revising Taxes on imported goods, especially those that can be produced locally, such as farm produce, Beer, drinks, cereals, plastics, stationary, utensils, fabrics, Human hair, among others.


Rather than import, let Government entice investment in value agriculture and industry together with the skill that goes with it.
Government should consider doing this as soon as possible so that these changes reflect in the 2016 budget.
The citizens must also be encouraged to buy local products to create attractive market for investment in agriculture and industry.


  1. You dont know what u saying. What is this going to translate to? Our contry has no capacity to produce all the comodities needed by its citizens. If u want the people to suffer, continue insighting government to go by your wish. Be positive in the way you advise government boy.