GBM hits back at Lungu over passport

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM
Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM

I wish to share with you the incidence that occurred at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.
I was meant to travel to Zimbabwe on the 16 hours Emirates flight with my wife, Chama and my daughter Sibo for our monthly management meetings.


After concluding our check in formalities, we proceeded to complete our exit requirements at Immigration. This where the drama began, as the young Immigration Officer asked me to follow her to the Senior Immigration Offficer’s office in the airport.



When I got to the office, the lady in charge informed me that they had received instructions that my diplomatic passport should be ceased as soon as I ” attempted” to enter or exit the country.
When I asked the reasons behind this decision, the officers present had no answers and referred me to get the reasons from the Director General at the Immigration Directorate at Kent Building.


It surprises me that at no time have they asked rhetorically to surrender my passport, which I would gladly done but it was all done to have me in an embarrassing situation at the Airport,
It is common knowledge that the matter of my parliamentary seat is in court and until the court determines I am still MP for Kasama Central. Let me also state that I was accorded with the diplomatic passport when I became an MP and mind you in opposition and, therefore, not when I was appointed Minister. It therefore surprises me that the Ministers of Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs, with the blessings of Edgar Lungu would order Immigration to carry out an unlawful act.


This also shows that Edgar is on a crusade to wage war with me and has resorted to pettiness and very childish behaviour to show his authority, it is a privilege that has been bestowed on every serving MP,
This has indicated that my stance on the PF has unsettled them and they have now resorted to personal vendetta at the expense of providing the much needed leadership that our citizenry are craving for right now,


This has also shown that they are an incompetent bunch of people who have no plan whatsoever to emancipate the people that lead out of abject poverty they have subjected them to, they have mismanaged the economy that has affected the people countrywide and harassing a few individuals will not be a remedy to the issues that they are charged to manage. Nichi pante pante


Let me remind them of our resolve to form Government with HH, UPND and to provide our people with basic requirements such as food on their table. No amount of intimidation and harassment will deter us from our mission and all their tactics, childish as they are, will not make us succumb,
Long Live HH. Long Live UPND and Long Live Zambia


  1. you claim to have alot of money but why are you crying over a diplomatic passport? hahahahahahaha life is hard in opposition taulati

  2. Mwalilila chitupa chabenebake,tell your boss to make one for you or go for yaku matero…..kikikikiki. .ba yama kushipa filachitika tabalila kwati kanya iyoo.

  3. kikikikiii…GBM makes me laugh evn whn i dnt feel lyk,his comedies n thoz of Hapitilila Hagaini re irresistible…wht he z cring 4 z more lyk u divorce a wife n u dnt want her 2 pack all her belongings…pwahahahaaahaaaa.

  4. Ba GBM its nt da first tym dis is hapenin,it once hapend to nevers mumba, he didn’t cry lyk a baby

  5. It sounds like disgruntled guy. Mr, the moment you joined opposition you should have surrendered those privileges you are talking about. You are just an ordinary Zambian like anyone else. Stop crying like a baby. Money is not everything.

  6. Its common knowledge that you surrender to cease what belongs to ceaser. that embarrasement is self created.