Fake pastors stage-managing miracles face arrest

Man Of God, priest - Pastor
Man Of God, priest - Pastor

FAKE pastors stage-managing miracles and swindling their congregants in Kitwe will be arrested and prosecuted for fraud, says district commissioner Chanda Kabwe. Speaking at an event to celebrate Living Waters Global Churches founder Bishop Bernard Nwaka’s 30 years in ministry on Sunday, Kabwe said


Kitwe had recorded an increase in fake pastors specialised in faking miracles. “Let me take this opportunity to warn these fake pastors. We have a lot of pastors now swindling people in the name of miracles. Of what benefit is a miracle of turning water into paraffin when people want food, shelter and clothing? May we please control this appetite for money from these pastors. We will have no option but to report them to the police because they are just swindling money from congregants,” Kabwe said. He said it was a sin for pastors to specialise in performing miracles at the expense of providing spiritual services to the people. He said the government valued the Church as partners in national development. “The Church is a key player in national development. But how will this be achieved when the Church is busy specialising in miracles of turning water into paraffin? People want solutions from the Church and government is equally waiting upon the Church to give guidance,” he said.



“So we want to advise the Church to start educating these pastors before we report them to the police. It is too much of these miracles, which are making our people desperate. We need to put our faith in God and not fake miracles by man,” he said. And Kabwe said Bishop Nwaka was a good example of a product from a community that was associated with bad things. “Wusakile is known for all the bad reasons. But today we have people from Wusakile that have done wonders. Look at our Bishop (Nwaka), he grew up in Wusakile but today he is the leader of this international great church. So let us put God first in everything we do regardless of where we come from,” said Kabwe.