Support, not criticism needed on load shedding – Lungu


PRESIDENT Lungu says there is no need to criticise him for load shedding the country is currently experiencing because this is a regional challenge.


Mr Lungu said people should support him in efforts to overcome the problem, instead of criticising him.
The President was speaking on Saturday night when he addressed Kenya-bound soccer fans at National Resources Development College (NRDC) in Lusaka on Saturday night.



“Namibia, Botswana, South Africa are all facing the same problem. Support me instead of criticising,” he said.
The President said this when he was advising soccer fans against criticising coaches unnecessarily.


And President Lungu expressed concern over the poor state of infrastructure at NRDC.
He observed that the only thing that has remained intact at the learning institution is the road while other structures are in a deplorable state.
Mr Lungu said there is need to refurbish buildings at NRDC.


  1. av been quiet for a long tym but I can’t hold it any longer, imweeeee ba Lungu bamudala don’t play innocent here, are you getting me, don’t play innocent, every country as a national climatic center, I believe they recorded the poor rainfall pattern we experienced in the previouse rain season, not only that, nafi ZESCO nafiena they record, why didn’t they seek for back up measures.. You have just failed us, you are a big disappointment together with the ZESCO management board, after noticing the poor pour of rains, they wud av set up back up measures, but due to lack of seriousness nd poor working habits, u affecting everything negatively hence contributing to a vicious cycle of development the cprices of copper on the international market have crumbled, in addition, the energy sector of this country is deteriorating hence affecting mines nd the industrial sector, hence reducing production hence contributing to hiking of prices for basic necessities. How do you expect us small business holders to surpport ourselves or meet daily needs, businesses like Barbing, saloons, metal fabrication(welding), butcheries, nd many more to survive? Shallow ! Shallow, Shallow lads, don’t make us lose the sense of patriotism

  2. Chibesakunda ukese nkakushitileko drink ati Naliba dull ine sure? Lesa fye kumulu. But balete solution Kabili bena ba Mano!

  3. Unless u re nt seeing,feeling en experiencing what every common Zambian is going thru yo region must be a gudone.Stop pretending we all voted 4them but we cant pretend life is harsh in Zambia.Hw long does it take them 2source 4de money 4de bye elections en hw long has it taken 4them 2put intervantions in terms of power deficit stop pretending baddy

  4. bob don’t compare privileges economical problems do you want the president to stop attending important meetings because of loadsheding or he start using mini bus when going to attend personal issues, he is a human being like us who also can attend parties and any other functions.let us support the big man unlike politicising unnecessarily its a big Country that need lots of things, some opposition leaders are just jealous and they can’t rule because every time they want to be on top of their voices without providing solution-amano yafumine mwifwesa yaya muchulu.big man GOD HELP WILL WITH A GREAT SOLUTION let them continue playing for failure but they will fall them selves

  5. is loadsheding also affecting the falling of the kwacha?the first worsed leader n the zambia,yor pf gvment was blaming zambezi River Authority for opening the gates & also blaming God for nt giving us enough rain.Find the solution don’t cheat us!!!

    • I wonder how you guyz think sometimes, how is lungu’s fault that there is Load sheding in the country nd how is it his fault that the Kwacha is falling, incase you hav be deprived of imfo (current affairs) the currency falling is not just Zambia its almost the whole southern africa, Bythe way do you know that the Yen has also fallen?

    • watch the space as the dollar wil b selling at k20 next month becoz of the closure of mines……

  6. What I have seen is that Most pipo who Criticise there the most dull ones under the son. We need pipo who criticise and provide solutions Not UKUBWATABWATAFYE

  7. That is why I like my President now Zambian Patriots should respond not vote 4 me load shedding won’t be there niboza ilo. Thanks 4 the remarks your Excellency!

    • u r dull to evn support him, he is the wrst presidnt zambia has eva had, just wait n c we will bcm zimbwabe soon!

  8. So who should we criticise then,God? A president must inspire hope in citizens not what we re experiencing.Pliz 2016 come soon!!

  9. No focus,no proactiveness,bcoz they re social issues he cannot priotise them but he is able to fund bye elections nd trips out 4parties bcoz they benefit him hw can we support him.