Pilato in trouble as “Bashi Tasila” goes viral

Chama Fumba , Pilato
Chama Fumba alias Pilato - Photo credit Zambia Daily Mail

Popular artiste Pilato looks set for another showdown with the ‘powers that be’ with his latest politically charged song “Bashi Tasila” going viral on social media. The song takes shots at Republican President Edgar Lungu, whom he refers to as Bashi Tasila (Tasila’s father).

However, the Copperbelt-based musician appears to suggest that the song, among others, has been released without his authorisation.


A few months ago, Pilato made headlines and angered the Lungu regime with another satirical piece “Alungu anabwela” which went viral and inspired several replies from artistes aligned to the ruling party. The song landed him a night in jail and a “conduct likely to cause a breach of peace” charge, but was later set free due to lack of evidence.


In the new song, Pilato, real name Chama Fumba, sings about how late president Michael Sata advised against drinking Jameson Whiskey and “Tujilijili” as that would cause dozing in public.



Pilato sings that Bamudala (Sata) also advised against receiving brown envelopes (corruption), but once Bashi Tasila (Lungu) became president, he forgot about all these things in preference for travelling around the world and drinking while the country is suffering.

Meanwhile, the 31-year-old has revealed that unknown people broke into his studio over the weekend and leaked his songs which he had been preparing to release as an album.


“Well someone got to the studio unauthorised and got a number of my songs and leaked them…. these are songs specifically for the album I have toiled for and invested in. my team remains resolved to releasing the album this month end with new songs so we can’t be destructed anymore. LOOK OUT for FORSAKEN PROPHECY,” he tweeted on Saturday.


  1. Pilato is in trouble for saying there is loadshedding, alot of nkongole, kwacha has lost value? Come on bashi tasila.

  2. What happened to Exodus 20:12 Zambians? Is this what we have now chosen to teaching the young ones? Umuchinshi usuma. 2016 is around the corner,we can speak through the ballot.

  3. give me a studio and i can shoot down this punk permanently……and dress his wounds……

  4. Why is he in trouble he is the only one who sings listen to chef song wala wala ad get the message before arresting him they are our voice who are voiceless

  5. dats freedom of expression mwebantu unless he insulted any government official in dat song its like we are living in dictatorship kind of ruling…Pilato is more like a mouthpecie of the speechless..

  6. When you criticize you need to offer solution too. This just shows how disrespectful you are to the elders. May be one day you will grow up and start thinking

  7. pilato man of action too am behind u continue with yo gud career let the haters hate

  8. Pilato am not your fan, i dont even know much bout you but i really like wat you r doing rite, nafuti nafuti Daddy.

  9. I want to hear the idiot song. 0967484144. Fweba bemba tutila ati ” mumbwe pakulila ninshi pali umo ashintile amatako”

  10. ba pilato a problem wanu ngamwaikuta ubwali bwa mundambi mwalasabaila mwanya mukachulapofye,

  11. It is not what you say that potrays meaning but how it is said. Pilato will achieve nothing with his songs.

  12. this idiot shud just join politics rather than showing his stupid thru music…….such a fool bushe ni lungu wa nyoko

  13. this idiot shud just join politics rather than showing his stupid thru music…….such a fool bushe ni lungu wa nyoko

  14. he z paid by Hakaivotela Humwine(HH) 2 disturb ECL,let’s hop this tym he shud b punished severely !

    • Emmanuel yr comment jst shows me that u were brought up by hypocritical n imbecile parents.so i can’t waste my energy ovr a lunatic lyk u.