Even if Kwacha depreciates we will continue enjoying -Dandy Crazy

Dandy Krazy
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) shakes hands with Dandy Krazy during a meeting with Musicians at State House on Sunday, August 23,2015. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2015

Copperbelt based Singer Dandy Crazy says even if the Zambian Kwacha depreciates the people will continue enjoying by drinking beer.


The Zambian Kwacha has been depreciating causing the price of commodities to go up since the country imports most of its goods.

The US dollar which is the currency used for imports is now selling at K10.

But Dandy who is famous for his hit political songs he did for the Patriotic Front says Zambians will continue enjoying life while the opposition will be complaining of the Kwacha depreciation.


Dandy said the opposition are complaining because they want to justify that they should be voted into government.

He said even the rise of price for bread was not something happening for the first time in Zambia.


Dandy predicted an easy victory for President Lungu and PF in 2016.

“It will be double tripartite Kolopa.com, ” he said to a cheering audience during his show at University Teaching Hospital club on Friday.

Dandy was in Lusaka for his shows.


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  1. I dnt blame him bt i jst blame his stupit kneck for carrying an empty head!!!!!!!!!!!NONSENSE….

  2. This indicates how important is education.If u dont know,atleast respect yoself by nit parading yi ignorance like this

  3. Real pipo of dis mother zambia dies in hosptls sam by hunger ad here iz sam1 vomiting rubbish.

  4. kumfwafye neshina ati dandy it come from the word DAD is CRAZY……. So whats yo conclussion? Alipena banwa bonse nabashi tasila……

  5. the other day i told mak 2 abt the mitin they had had with his new frd lungu,I wrt that he was the hired gun.

  6. You know satanists have alot of money thru initiating pipo and blood donations. Tell him us who are not satanist are perishing.

  7. people are suffering in this country and you Dandy crazy you are eating with Edgar lunga . Days are numbered , God will answer our prayer.

  8. Of course the head of state is not affected by the sinking kwacha or load shedding.