I caught my friend sleeping with my wife & he jumped through the window

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

HUNGER for greener pastures has earned a Lusaka man a divorce certificate after his wife complained of sexual starvation for the past nine years.


In the Matero Local Court was Aggie Navile, 45, of Chipata township who had sued her husband Ronald Silungwe, 55 of Lusaka for divorce.
Navile told senior court magistrate Pauline Newa that the two got married in 1983 and have five children together.


She said problems in their marriage started in 2006 when Silungwe decided to relocate to Lusaka from Nakonde in search of greener pastures.


“But when he moved here, he completely forgot about us in Nakonde. He stopped sending money for us in the village and stopped communicating,” she said.


Navile told the court that she later discovered that he has a mistress who was keeping him busy and preventing him from seeing his own children.


“I struggled to find money to come here (Lusaka) but even after following him, he has not made an effort to see me. We have not lived under the same roof for nine years. We have also not shared a bed in those nine years and yet I am a married woman. I am tired of not having sex, nine years is a long time for any married woman,” she said.


But Silungwe wondered why he was being dragged to court when their marriage ended nine years ago.
He said Navile never respected him and used to insult him in front of his children.
“I once caught her having sex with my friend and when I entered the house, he immediately jumped through the window,” he said.
Passing judgment, the court granted divorce with no compensation because of the period the couple has been on separation.
However, Silungwe was ordered to pay K400 as child maintenance monthly starting September month end.