Grand Coalition does not trust govt over constitution


The Grand Coalition championing for a speedy enactment of a people driven constitution has observed that after perusing through the constitution amendment bill, there are clear inconsistencies between the bill created by government and the final draft constitution created by the people.


Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka this morning, coalition chairperson Fr. Lenard Chiti has maintained that the proposed enactment of a new constitution for Zambia through parliamentary amendments is treacherous, dishonest and purely an electoral campaign gimmick.



Fr. Chiti notes that as earlier indicated, the parliamentary route cannot be trusted or relied upon to deliver citing that the parliamentary route provides the government with a platform to change the character of the final draft constitution.
Fr. Chiti points out that it is more treacherous given that there is no legal framework to protect both the process and content adding that it is their mission to protect the contents of the final draft constitution and any proposed strategy that jeopardizes the content disrespects the interests of the people of Zambia.


He says the fact that government has been buying time all along is a sign of lack of total commitment to the process adding that the PF has remained dishonest and inconsistent as shown by their failure to adhere to their own manifesto.


The coalition has further challenged government to state clearly whether the content of the final draft constitution has not been manipulated and will not be manipulated further in parliament stressing that that the people would also like to know what will happen if the proposed amendment process collapses in parliament.