Choma man beats wife for serving him nshima outside

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

THE Choma Magistrate’s Court has sentenced to six-months a 22-year-old man who beat his wife for serving him nshima outside.
Ophen Mayuni admitted to the court that he beat his wife for serving him lunch outside on account that their house was too small to accommodate his guests.


Mayuni a general worker at B1 farm in Choma, was charged with assault, occasioning actual bodily harm.
Particulars are that on August 9, this year, in Choma, Mayuni assaulted Phona Moonde and occasioned her actual bodily harm.
When the matter came up for plea last Thursday before resident magistrate Exhornobit Zulu, Mayuni admitted the charge.


Court information indicates that on the material day, Ms Moode had just returned from work at the farm when she started preparing lunch for her husband.
She later served the meal outside because their house was too small to accommodate her husband’s guests.


When she invited her husband to the table, Mayuni asked her why she decided to serve the food outside.
Ms Moonde explained that their house was too small to accommodate the visitors. Mayuni became angry and started beating his wife in the presence of his friends, who helped separate the couple. Asked if information that was read out in court was correct, Mayuni answered in the affirmative.


In mitigation, he pleaded for leniency, saying his six children would suffer if he was sent to jail.
“If I stay long in prison, I will lose my job,” Mayuni said.
But Mr Zulu said, though Mayuni was a first offender deserving leniency: “I cannot massage your ego and send you home to go and beat up your wife again”.


He sentenced Mayuni to 18 months imprisonment, but suspended for 12 months, giving the convict only six months custodial sentence.




  1. its simple this guy jst bot a dinning set nd u serve him pampasa wen he want to feel lik others??????? remember wen u were yung yo patents bot u tha ka new cloth did u wait to wear it??????? bt beating was bad I blame the irriterate guy

  2. At 22years, a man having six children. Results of rampant early marriages. People marrying at tender ages and with insufficient understanding of what marriage is. One of the reasons why battery and other forms of gender based violence are high in the society. Let us help in the campaign against under age marriages by denying teenagers consent to marry.

  3. most men hav studied evilogy so they r evillists and thy practice evil. thats nt sumthng u cn beat yo wife over.