Zambian Startup Tests Uber-like Taxi App

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Around 500 taxis will be selected to beta-test a new mobile app called DRIVERN in Zambia, which the creators hope can help meet some of the capital city’s travel needs.

DRIVERN is an app for booking taxi cabs — it actually works quite similarly to Uber — but the startup believes it can do better in the local market.

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Why? Because;

(a) You never have to haggle with drivers on payments. The fare calculator produces a cost based on the departure and destination address through clear & transparent pricing. It even provides customers with estimated fares before they start their ride.

(b) It has a partnership with Zambian Discounts Investments Ltd.

(c) It doesn’t have “surge pricing”, meaning you’ll just have to pay whatever shows up on the app.

(d) When you launch the app to call a cab, a driver nearby sees your name and location on their device.

The app is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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  1. How does it work with those without smartphones?that for both the client and the cab driver?

  2. And these taxi drivers will be provided with the phones which operate Google maps? Because China dreww dreww phone can’t do that! Lol. Good idea still

  3. We are not saying no to development but you have to consider few things before implementing certain programs because in the end,it will either discriminate against those in Kombonis or fail to succeed.Before introducing new ideas that have been successful in other countries,lets also consider our standards as Zambia.
    South Africa is more developed than Zambia in terms of road infrastructure and many others.

    • Every app doesn’t start out perfectly it’s through usage that this app will improve. Especially with your support

  4. Then you have to specify the routes..because what determine the price is not onl the distance but also the location/destination.for example,the distance from town centre to northmead is less than the distance from town centre to Chibolya or perhaps Misis,but the difference in roads and other risks determines the price.
    The distance from town centre to Makeni Buffalo village is longer than the distance from town centre to John leing but the price will be high for John leing because of impassable roads more especially in rain season.
    Did you consider that?

  5. Its great,even though uber is likely to come to zambia soon after launching in s.a. I advise they do things fast and hold ground. Am doing something similar but in a whole diferent way.