President Lungu should step down – Banda

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu greets former President Rupiah Banda during Labour Day celebrations at the Freedom Statue in Lusaka on May 1,2015 -Picture by EDDIE MWANALEZA
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu greets former President Rupiah Banda during Labour Day celebrations at the Freedom Statue in Lusaka on May 1,2015 -Picture by EDDIE MWANALEZA

The opposition UPND has advised republican President Edgar Lunga to consider stepping down owing to the challenges that the country is going through.

The UPND is of the view that President Lungu should step down because it appears the extent of the challenges that country is grappling with are be now beyond his control.


UPND vice president for political affairs Canisius Banda notes he personally thinks President Lungu has tried in his capacity to move the country forward but he has failed because the challenges are beyond his capacity.

Dr. Banda states that President Lungu should therefore not be unfairly criticized as he in fact needs prayers to help him run the country.




  1. So ba banda, if ECL steps down what next? even if you were mandated to lead the nation, would you change anything for good? stop fantacising? i think you have to join MULYOKELA this time around

  2. What irony! GBM must continue as PF MP inspite of being a UPND second-in-command because the government is too broke to hold a by-election in Kasama central, but ECL should resign because he has failed to run the affairs of the nation. Do these UPND guys really think? No wonder they fail to win elections and accuse ECZ of rigging!

  3. Does this confused and rejected fake doctor know that president Lungu has the mandate to rule Zambia up to 31st December 2015? There after, we the people of Zambia will decide whether he should continue or not. This shows that UPND has no capacity to defeat PF hence Canisius Banda start backing like a wounded hyena. Continue dreaming with your satanist failure.

  4. ba BANDA in case u dont no its nt LUNGU,its global currency crisis! u think u will win by misleading ignorant pipo?shame on u,ZAMBIA is a christian nation wait and watch…….

  5. I’m alergic to critics wen it comes to politics, i care less abt who woks in office coz it jst remind me of hard workin,, so as zambian citizens we need to move on ad make zambia de better place nt through politics but in our harmony capacity… Zambia freedom we stand.

  6. i now see d@ pipo’s assumptions ovr HH re true,he z not only selfish bt also ignorant,instead of him givin his colleague advice on hw he can ovr come da challenges,who knows mayb if he ws 2 rule da challenges cud b evn worse.wethr wth chalenges its #Lungu nafuti/ in 2016

  7. On what grounds? If they are powerful or a reckon to challenge PF, let them come. We are ready…


  8. what good can come out of this blabber mouth. challenges are there to be conquered not to be shied away from. think about how you guys are going to handle next years flop at forming gov’t

  9. Dr. Banda should instead advise HH who has been perpetually loosing to step down because come 2016 , he will loose again.

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  11. to be frank guys,he must step down…..that’s the fact..if not for sata we wud have not voted for him…mhsrip..

  12. and then we have another by_election within 90days and there after have general elections in 2016. is this true advise to give?

  13. What is the cost of presidential bye elections. Coz if he step down we need to go for elections. Will upnd sponsor it? And what will dollar go down or worsen it.think before u talk no sense on public ba chibwelebwele canisous Banda.

  14. The cost of living in northern province awe sure. Twakulanya menshi. Elyo nkofwe icimuntu ati ifintu ponopono.

  15. Its not easy to transform an economy wthn a shot tym,plz gv us tym up to2021 and beyond, then try yo lucky.Meanwhile ni sela tubombeko waumfwa.

  16. Uli chilema zoona!!! iwe ulemona kwati ukatekapo ichalo??? Hukapona Hagain. Hingombe shinobe shikakuvotela!!!!

  17. Its nt about bin partisan truly zambian economy z sinking lyk a titanic boat due to poor leadership da standard of living z geting high every day i fear for us pipo wit no proper jobs lesa twafweni

  18. The way forward for mother zambia is. unknown,soo many challanges the president is quite why?2016 come. fast.

  19. This Canisius Banda is very funny.. so if he fails to treat a patient does he stop being a medical doctor? If a patient he is treating dies does he step down? Nowonder UPND will never form government.

    • If any one is thinking that when the opposition comes into power then they will create jobs, you are joking. The pf was once in opposition and it was singing them same song. These guys are just human beings and not angels. Stop praising them.

  20. Failures full of bitterness,u will neva rule this nation until u change yo style of politics.

  21. And when he steps down who should take over,
    Some fools will say HH,running a country requires everyone’s support but because others think they are better than,you will end up in opposition for years a until I don’t know.
    Zambians are not foolish they are able to tell who is tell the true n who is trying to gain mileage out of useless things

  22. My first advise to you canacious banda go to the barber shop may you will come tour senses,your much grown hair is disturbing your thinking.

  23. So is this man suggesting that HH does not need prayers to govern?? What a shame!!

    #Ephesians 6:18 says “Keep on praying, in the Spirit, at all times with all kinds of prayers”

    Apparently some folk don’t need prayer! #smh

    • and then you look for money for by-elections, general election plus referendum. or maybe who takes over as president till the next elections. have you thought of this.?

  24. Its because you don’t know how the economy of a country is measured. That’s why you have no room for thinking. I meant the currency of a particular country is compared with other currencies of other countries. That’ s why countries like zimbambwe are no longer counted on the world market. Go in the bank whether you can find the feck dollar from zim, zero! Can u say u’ ve not eaten a dollars before, when the money that circulates in the country is as a result of the eurobonds and other loans collected from others countries and they are translated in dollors. No wander Zambians fail to understant economic issues. Precolonial societies are the ones that can say that because they used berter system not you my brother. Dont be stone cord with issues of economy. You’ re killing your children. Let me tell you, countries that are bankrupt like the destination of Zambia, even when citizens have money in the bank accounts, it’ s just on paper because you can not withdraw your money the way you want. Just k10,000 you can wihdraw it in ten months.

  25. A country develops when we realize that we are the government, jesus is for all nations… Let’s change the way we think about the government… We are the government..

  26. Fipuba sana to come out with such suggestions is it because they have failed lamentably to win an election?

  27. Kanyembo, great thinker! When you say’ ifintu ni lungu’, you are simply saying he is the only one who can think and you cant think. We have so many people in zambia who can do better my friend.

  28. Some people have lost 4 times yet they have not stepped down, why should he step down. Challenges are part of leadership, we will face and overcome them. He is not a coward.

  29. 2bedroomd house for rent behind the newly developd road thnks to th pf govt.towels.clean loadsheding.1500/ agents.

  30. what a bad thing for a republican president to be told like that, this means really people are not impressed with his leadership qualities.

  31. Step down yoself, ichilema!!! frm bng a UPND leada pantu tawakatekepo ichalo. Powa shotage is a regional problm, Zimbabwe thy evn go blak out fo 3 days. Wat can tel us iwe chilema??? Hukapona Hagain.

    • forward ni pa mumushi, pf kuya bebele, people in copperbelt dont want to be fulled by these portatial faliers.

  32. instead of helping people find employment, this gorvenment is watching people loosing employnment. let’s wake up and advocate the development of the country

  33. I feel sorry 4 de pf coz the late president mcs suffered 2 form dat political party bt only 2fnd dat its dyng n 5yrs tym

  34. I think the only person we would lyke 2 c, is a person who can truely stabilise en de associate the country from de worst extent @ wich it running. We should not be clinging to traditional inheritence where formal knowledge and practice is less considered. Lets avoid inferior thinking en brushout “ifintu ni Lungu” from our mouth en think of any phylosophical person who can literally develop de country 4 de lasting interest of de zambians.

    • chola very true, a leader who failing even just decipline his followers like chama.

  35. Ka HH sold ma company he didn’t knw tht this could bring de problem in de future,let him come open 2 de pipo nd tel thm tht he is de one who had sold zambian companies.he think tht we don’t knw

  36. is that an advise sure, bro quit your marriege, though i admire your wife.rubbish!!!.just work together with the current govt. and if th pipo of zambia see potential in your leadership then they might vote for you.only a fool will say these problems are on zambia only.every minute on the media, BBC,E-NEWS,SKY will hear the many countries crying over the same odds.and why should you frustrated cadres put a blame on LUNGU.shame on you, am not PF nor am a a zambian and i am zambia.together we can surpass these problems

  37. is that an advise sure, bro quit your marriege, though i admire your wife.rubbish!!!.just work together with the current govt. and if th pipo of zambia see potential in your leadership then they might vote for you.only a fool will say these problems are on zambia only.every minute on the media, BBC,E-NEWS,SKY will hear the many countries crying over the same odds.and why should you frustrated cadres put a blame on LUNGU.shame on you, am not PF nor am a a zambian and i am zambia.together we can surpass these problems

  38. I don’t mind bcoz its the duty of opposition party to criticize government evn though its in the right track.VIVA PF 2016.NANKWE NANKWE TULEYA NA LUNGU 2016.USELESS UPND!!!

  39. Instead of going out to campaign for by-elections ya busy asking the President to resign! U’ll keep losing seats

  40. u failed to an score in an empty net in january, u think dat opportunity will come again

  41. There is no good thing imwe ba blind,I don’t stay in lusaka but I have been visiting this certain area in Mungwi road were people fetch water in the drain,what is that in short,that area has got councillor then Mp and they know of that problem,its just that this government is about self enrichment only,nothing for poor people,u can cry roads but water is the first thing

  42. Absolute NONSENSE ! On who’s behalf is Banda speaking of when his party is in the minority (19%) in our august house of representatives – parliament ? Does he even know what he’s talking about or does he simply not recognise those that put Edgar Lungu in office ? Does he think his voice is supreme to those that gave EL the mandate to govern them or maybe he despises them ? Whom does he speak as when all he is; is a representative of an opposition political party ? Does he know or later on understand what a democratic dispensation like Zambia is, entails ? In a democracy, it’s the people themselves that govern thru their representatives & definitely NOT individuals hence his opinion being irrelevant & baseless. Zambians themselves appoint & disappoint their leaders thru the BALLOT BOX & not thru some individual’s wishful thinking or narrow opinion. If he wants his matter addressed then let him confer with his MPs so they bring before the august house the motion in subject to debate unlike ranting without purpose because that’s what civilised people do….Shaaa !.

    • simply because the majority are thieves and selfish and fattening there on pockets. you can afford to speak a good english, have a meal three times a day but note majority poor people don’t have access to what you have. education is expensive, food just almost to everything

    • But Christian, Zambia isn’t a failed state to resort to unorthodox means of changing govt. EL is our constitutionally elected president NOT appointed. If Banda has issues with that then let his party’s MPs pass a vote of no confidence in parliament, if ever they’ll even succeed without numbers & surely NOT rant about it. We are a civilised society. Besides, who’s is Banda when after offering his candidature in mandevu, people rejected him so whom does he represent ? He must just shut or better still go & hang ! Who tells him Zambia shares in his opinion ? Let the ballot box do that…that’s the beauty of democracy.

    • plz economy is bad soon miner wil b on redandances n u ar busy saying at ni lungu ok tel him that he hs failed wat hs chikwanda done on his position ? answer is nothing and nothing means failures

    • banda should also tell us which year since 1991 when the economy has been better than now

    • banda should also tell us which year since 1991 when the economy has been better than now

  43. its not all about being upnd or pf or any other party bt its about w@ z transpiring-pf under lungu has failed coz the cost of living z geting higher each day…#himwi_hintu_khatwamba_notuyowa….i dont care wich party comes in aslong as the aparent situation z controled nd my country bcomez a beter place to live in…fo the love of zambia pipo

  44. The fact of the matter is that the man has failed to offer leadership.
    Just look at his demeanor which PF cadres have been claiming is ‘humility’, it betrays him and portrays him as cold, confused and unsure of himself. Body language is important for leaders.
    Compare him to Sata for example and you will see what I mean. This may be taken as a joke by cadres, but I suggest his handlers work on it.

  45. Don’t look at a country politically look at a country economically. some foolish Zambians who who don’t know about development are busy saying. Ifintu ni lungu, which lungu u citizens??? some of us won’t die in this country because of that slogan ifintu ni lungu when all we are seeing is the country going down. (just a reminder the dollar is now at k8.75)

    • So tell us which countries currency is don’t good against the usd????? Tz I eagerly await on your reply

    • Mr Geaorge don’t disappoint me. on your lack of economical knowledge, of recent we where on a tour in three countries namely Namibia, South Africa and DRC,,,,,,, these countries we found their currencies are stable and corresponded to the USD. but what about Zambia???? nothing completely nothing.

    • In Zambia people talk more sense when they are in opposition but when they are in power its something else.this president fired those he thought to belong to other parties same with your President if he comes into office fire everyone who are being given jobs today in the end no development coz everyone will be stealing before they fired to make sure they live a better life afterwards!

    • Namibia, South Africa, DRC and what hey if you have the economic knowledge then say the truth period, say the SA rand now stand @ 14.4 to $1 this is the fact then you can blug about you knowledge in economics. China is the biggest economy in the world. If China is experiencing some economic melt down, you expect Zambia to survive? Are saying Chinese minister in charge of that country economic is not lent.? Back to Africa. SA rand as at now its worse than kwacha. And every thing in Shoprite major hardware is from South. Evn ba hh coming in State house today it can even be worse because with him. He has no experience in Government work. Wakeup.

    • What can you tell me you? I’ve a PHD in economics. Signs of an economic slowdown in China have led to fears of a global recession, including Africa, given the close ties it has built up with China in recent years. World Bank Business Report’s Lerato Mbele looks at five ways the continent could be affected: The rand South Africa’s currency has taken the hardest battering because it is the only African currency traded on the so-called “carry-trade”. This is the money-market, where currency- and foreign-exchange brokers decide on the valuations of each nations currency. They look at the nature of the economy, its strength and its future prospects. In this regard, South Africa is showing signs of weakness on the growth front, low productivity of the factory side and pull-backs on the mining side. Together with volatile prices for its commodities such as gold, platinum and coal, traders have decided that the South African economy, and therefore its currency, will be risky to buy and invest in. This is why the rand has lost nearly 8% of its value in the past week alone. It is important to note that for other countries that buy and sell commodities, similar speculation would have occurred. South Africa’s stock market South Africa will feel a secondary impact on its stock market. The Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE) is the largest bourse in Africa and the 17th largest in the world. That means the companies listed on the exchange are exposed to buyers and fund managers abroad. About 40% of the daily trades on the JSE come from foreign traders, mainly in Europe and the US. If these stockbrokers believe that the risks of buying shares in Africa outweigh the opportunities to profit from these stocks and bonds, they will withdraw their investments. These trades happen at a click of the button, so in a day the JSE could lose millions of dollars. In order to prevent this, the South African Reserve Bank has been asked to step in by imposing capital controls on how much money traders can withdraw from South Africa each day. However, the bank refuses to take that action, saying it goes against the grain of a free market economy and will allow the markets to correct themselves naturally. The only other option is to push up interest rates as this will reduce the debt on some of these stocks and reward those who invest their money over a longer period of time, with higher profits in the future. Trade and investment China is now the number-one trading partner for most African countries. It also has more than $20bn (£13bn) in investments, in addition to development aid. That makes it a huge customer for African governments selling resources such as minerals and oil on the international market. So in the medium-term a devaluation of the Chinese yuan could result in less demand for African goods – as they are priced in dollars that would make them more expensive for the Chinese. Lower demand means Africa trades less and earns less. If that cycle continues over a much longer period of time, African states could see their economies shrink, government coffers running dry and eventually countries taking on more debt. However that is a worst-case scenario and not likely to happen just yet because the European Union and the US are also major trading partners and donors to Africa. Trade between African countries is also on the rise, so regional trading relationships could offset the China-effect. Where there may be a direct impact will be on the investment side. Chinese state companies have been on a huge drive to build roads, railways, power- stations and airports from Nairobi to Lagos. With less money to spend, some of the infrastructure deals in the pipeline could be put on hold for a while longer. That does not bode well for industry and job creation in Africa. Tourism Tourism is another sector that may bear the brunt of a Chinese economic slowdown. The rise of China to become the second-largest economy in the world has made the Chinese wealthier and affluent. As such they are becoming curious and vociferous travellers overseas. Africa is a choice destination for Chinese tourists because of the abundant wildlife here and favourable exchange rates. A devaluation of the yuan means the Chinese have less to spend, so they may cancel their African safaris. In South Africa, the situation is compounded by new complex visa regulations. For that country, the global volatility would create a double jeopardy for the local tourism industry. Loans Countries such as Angola, Zambia and Sudan may also feel the effects on the fiscal side. China is known to have negotiated a favourable trade-exchange to buy oil cheaply in Angola. In return, Beijing has provided loans to the national oil company. Without that buffer from China, Angola’s economy may suffer an even bigger setback on the back of the 50% collapse in global oil prices which happened earlier this year. Zambia has a large community of Chinese immigrants who have built successful businesses in the retail and construction industries. It is not clear whether they receive any subsidies from China, but if they do, this support may be reduced. While South Sudan is celebrating the signing of a peace deal, its spirits will be dampened by the news from China, which is a major buyer of its oil. China is also a potential builder of the much-needed pipeline to take oil from the South to Sudan, a key part of the peace process between the two former enemies. If China is feeling the pinch, it may be forced to change the commercial terms of its oil deals with South Sudan. On the whole, China has built up strong partnerships in Africa and its will take more than a wobbly in global financial system to reverse that. The Chinese commitments already made, such as assembling the first Africa-made smartphone in Ethiopia, should still happen. This is mainly because these days China’s private companies have enough cash-reserves and profit motive to come to Africa, without relying on capital from the state.

    • South Africa is worse my dear,,Zambias Economy is dependant on copper nd reserch how mch is copper price on Internatnal Market?Dollar has gained strength while China which the Major Buyer of our Copper has had Weak economy for Months now,,

    • poor thinking, this kind of avoiding the truth and saying still fintu in ni lungu its childish,i dont think this kind of calimber its able to define economics,plz if you dont have what to say,keep quiet, leave those who have vivid understanding coment,than that trush.

    • Charlton Maimbolwa,it is u who is a poor thinker,you are thinking other ideals are wrong?hmm… man’s cup of tea is another man’s poison.I believe in what I said earlier.I still believe ifintu ni Lungu.And am surprised that you are an Electrician who thinks poorly.Electricians are clever pipo who see things that others fail to see.Do u know economics?Do not judge because of hatred… No.From what you have written I can only say……you have poor judgement………”STILL IFINTU NI LUNGU.”

    • Charlton Maimbolwa the country is literary grinding to a halt but for some people it’s partisan politics as usual. What a pity! Can he even name a single PF achievement apart from his slogan chanting?

    • You comments are all partisan so you can not blame me if I sound partisan.Am a proud member of the pf.if you will just remain were you are,you will never see what others have achieved…


    • EVANS.Its because things are bad.the economy,the currency,poverty,corruption,loadshedding-everything is bad.what else do you want upnd to observe when everything is bad?you want upnd to say pf must continue because everything is fine?? Be true to yourself my friend. Osazifyenga.

    • Wat gud things has the p.f done sureee…first they hav weaked the economy and wen pipo stat earning incom thru, seling popcorns, welding, barber shops, etc they bring loadsheding…and wen pipo buy genesates they increase the prize of fuel…do u hav any proof that the p.f government is good government…my dear, lets give a chance to someone else…

    • wandabwisha uliwakwi even a 4mth baby can tel seen that no dlite at home things ar nt okey at home nw u say pf pf what hav dey done?


  47. So that we can have bye elections again and spend more money on the same bye elections and in 2016 hold the general elections and spend more money again. That’s the opposition in zed for u talking first and thinking later

  48. Wat iz da work or simply say JOb of da opposition?? Da ans iz 2 dey ar jst opposing evrything

  49. step down &put who?.thats why politics,educated &elderly pipo acting like kids just bcoz they want power.take easy yo time will come..mpombo wibilima.