Cornered adulterer sleeps with girlfriend with wife around

Divorce Court

THE Kanyama local court heard how a married man had sex for three weeks with his girlfriend in the sitting room while his wife was in the bedroom.
Perry Hiyuwa, 24, of Old Kanyama Township left his bedroom after bringing another girl home and started having sex with his girlfriend even when his wife was around.
His wife Ruth Musenge, 23, also from the same area had stayed with him for eight years in an illegal marriage and was often times starved sexually.
Musenge told the court that the duo got married on June 1, 2007 by eloping and Hiyuwa only paid K150 of K2,500 charged as bride price.
According to Musenge, the two had three children together although the husband doubted the third child as he suspected it was for another man.
She disclosed that everything was well from 2007 until the time she had the third pregnancy as the husband requested her to go home as he had committed a crime and was no longer in employment at the time.
“He told me to go home as he had committed a crime, so I had to go but whenever I called him, other girls answered the phone. He recently called me back but problems have continued,” Musenge said.
But Hiyuwa denied being the father of the third child and challenged Musenge to produce birth certificates which indicated two surnames, Hiyuwa and Libongani.
He said that at some point he overheard his wife chatting with her relative whom Musenge told that she wanted to get married to a soldier who was living in Kaoma at the time.
“After a number of problems, as a man, I fell in love with another lady and together we started buying things in Kamwala and moreover, one day I was trying to call her line but her boyfriend answered instead,” Hiyuwa said.
Hiyuwa told the court that Musenge should be ready to be in a polygamous marriage if she wanted to be with him.
In passing Judgment, Kanyama local court senior Magistrate, Serah Nyendwa sitting with senior Magistrate Ackim Phiri dismissed the claim, adding that the two were not married since Hiyuwa had not paid anything.
“It wasn’t even marriage it was just a joke, mama he is just troubling you just go home all of you are for everyone who may want,” Magistrate Nyendwa said.
She, however, ordered Hiyuwa to be paying for child maintenance out of his K900 salary he gets every month.


Times of Zambia


  1. Just check the age of these two, it’s expected, they’re both still “chongololos”