Wylbur Simuusa fires salvo at opposition

Wylbur Simuusa
Wylbur Simuusa

NCHANGA member of Parliament (MP) Wylbur Simuusa has advised the opposition to stop politicising development projects being undertaken by the Patriotic Front (PF) administration.



Mr Simuusa said it is important for political parties to help develop the country by supporting all progressive ideas and suggestions by the government.
He said it is unfortunate that opposition political parties are criticising all programmes that Government has embarked on to the extent of insulting President Lungu without making a critical analysis of the issues.


Mr Simuusa said in an interview that individuals criticising Government just for the sake of doing it will not take the country anywhere but will only promote hatred.
Mr Simuusa said opposition politicians should learn to appreciate the government of the day, especially when it comes up with ways of improving the economy.


And Mr Simuusa said Zambia is among countries in the region with the lowest tax regime, especially in the mining sector.
“We are a mining giant but we are getting nothing from our mines in terms of tax. We can do better like our colleagues in other countries who get more when taxing businesses like mines,” he said.