Murder victim had blood on her forehead – Pathologist

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A PATHOLOGIST in a case where a Chingola pastor is accused of murdering his wife, has told the court that the deceased had red marks of blood on her forehead.
Luamba Mubita told the Kitwe High Court that he conducted a post-mortem on Bahati Kabaghe’s body and found it to be in a “state of purification.”


“The only anomalies noticed were on the forehead as it had red marks of blood. Other parts of the body did not show anomalies. The marks on the forehead were not enough to ascertain whether it had casual lethal head injuries,’’ he told the court.
This is in a case in which Evangel Pentecostal Assemblies of God Ministries pastor Floyd Pule is charged with the murder of his wife.
It is alleged that Pule, on February 10, this year, in Chingola, murdered Ms Kabaghe, who at the time of her death was pregnant.
Pule denied the charge when he appeared for plea before Ndola High Court judge Mary Mulanda, currently sitting in Kitwe.


Meanwhile, the deceased’s sister testified that her younger sister was allegedly unhappy in her marriage and had told her that her husband was mistreating her.
Janet Kabaghe, testifying when the matter came up for continuation of trial, said Bahati who was less than a year in marriage, used to complain during courtship that Pule was aggressive towards her.
“ My sister was unhappy during their courtship, she would always complain that the two had been having fights which made us, her family, advise her not to go ahead with the marriage,” Janet said.


She said a pastor from Bread of Life Church International informed her that Bahati confided in him a week before her death that she regretted marrying Pule.
This prompted Judge Mulanda to adjourn the matter so that the said pastor could give his testimony in court.
Janet also testified that on the material day, Bahati was fine and had even gone for work. However around 01:00hours, Pule phoned her and asked her to go to their house.


She went to the couple’s house with her husband and upon arrival, Pule said something happened to her sister.
“I rushed to the bedroom where she used to sleep, I found her two neighbours sitting beside her. I discovered that she was oozing from her mouth, ears and nose, then I suggested that we rush her to Nchanga South Hospital where she was pronounced dead upon arrival,” she said.
Trial continues.