Activities in China worrying – Yamba

Fredson Yamba
Fredson Yamba

Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba says the activities happening in China are worrying because Zambia is part of the global community trading with that Country.

Mr. Yamba says Zambia is still alive to the effects of the 2008 economic crisis.


He has since urged the Zambian regulators, policy makers and other stakeholders to urgently evaluate the current regulations in light of the developments with a view to aligning regulatory regimes to the current global practices.

Mr Yamba was speaking in Lusaka on Wednesday at the Bond and Derivates Exchange -BADEX breakfast under the theme New Capital Markets and financial innovation: the case of BADEX.


The Secretary to the Treasury said the Zambian economy should diversify financial services beyond traditional banking as a boost to capital markets.

And BADEX Chief Executive Officer Peter Sitamulaho said Zambia is the second Country in Africa after South Africa to have BADEX on the market.


Mr. Sitamulaho said BADEX will take a lead in job creation and skills transfer.


  1. Activities in Zambia are even more worrying Yamba. Some of us know you are relieved there is a scapegoat in the name of China but we all know the Zambian economy went to shit way before this China fiasco, so spare us please.