UPND asks Lungu to address nation on state of economy

President Lungu
President Lungu

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has called on President Lungu to call for a press conference and address the nation over the state of the economy.



UPND Chairperson for Rural Development Mapani Moono has told QFM News in a walk in interview that the President cannot keep quiet when so many things have gone wrong in the country.


Mr. Moono says it is prudent that the Head of State addresses the nation and tells the people how his government intends to deal with the economic challenges the country is grappling with.
Mr Moono says the people expect President Lungu to tell them what long-term measure his government is putting in place to deal with the continued weakening of the Kwacha, the high fuel prices, load shedding, and other challenges.


  1. It was going to be good if even you opposition political parties use to tell zambians:
    What u will do,?
    Hw u will do it,?
    Where u will do it from?
    During campaigns now u don’t do that so just keep quiet and wait for 2016.. failures!!

  2. china got flu ànd africa has caught a cold…..its not zambia alone.remember we are part of a global economy effects felt among the major players trickl3 down