TIZ Condemns the pardoning of Convicted Former Ministers

Austin Liato
Former Labour Minister Austin Liato

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has condemned in the strongest terms the continued release and pardoning of convicted Former Ministers from Zambian prisons.


In a statement released to the media by the Executive Direct Goodwell Lungu, TIZ said that the Release of Hon Austin Liato Former Labour Minister yet again has not come as a surprise but has been received with great dismay.


Mr.Lungu said this trend of pardoning people sentenced by Courts is detrimental to the fight against corruption and undermines the doctrine of separation of powers which is the bedrock for promotion of good governance.


He said going by recent events, one can conclude that there is selective justice that only favours political friends to the government and the rich, while the poor and wrongly accused persons endure maximum sentences and some die in prisons despite being sick.


Mr.Lungu said if unchecked this trend will set a bad precedence for our current and future political leaders as it will be used by criminals to secure pardons from the President


  1. ministers are human being’s also,besides that liato is sick and the commissioner explained to us the reason y liato was released. osankala na nzelu zaumfwiti.