Witchdoctor ordered to appear in court

Criminal court
Criminal court

UPON not being satisfied how his daughter died, a Kitwe man sought the help of a witchdoctor to establish how his daughter died, the Garneton Local Court heard.
Geston Mumba told senior local court magistrate Royd Chinda that when he arrived at the witchdoctor’s premises, he was made to drink a concoction and what followed were images on a screen depicting how his daughter died and the person behind her death.

Mumba narrated to the court that after the death of his daughter last year, he did not believe she died of natural causes and went to seek the help of a witch doctor in Kawama township.
He said he paid K50 consultation fee and K400 to enable him watch for himself on a screen the events that followed the death of his daughter
“I was in the company of my wife and my mother-in-law when we were given a concoction by the witch doctor to drink and we were told to wait for 30 minutes,” he said.
Mumba was sued by Oscar Kunda for accusing him of witchcraft. Kunda was also seeking compensation.

According to Mumba, the witch doctor directed the family to a room where Mumba was asked to call out his daughter’s name.
Mumba said shockingly, the daughter appeared on a screen and saw Kunda with his wife killing his daughter.
“We watched for almost an hour how Kunda and his wife killed my daughter,” he said.
Narrating his side of the story, Kunda told the court that he was only informed by his son that Mumba was accusing him of being a killer.
Kunda said this compelled him and the wife to confront Mumba at Mumba’s house but Mumba chased the couple away.

“I reported the matter to the area chairman who summoned Mumba over the matter where Mumba accused I and my wife of killing his daughter because he watched how we killed her on a screen after he consulted a witchdoctor,” Kunda said.
However, the court adjourned the case and ordered that the witchdoctor appears before court to testify.


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  1. When he could have consulted the Holy spirit free and given Grace to move on none wants to accept death of a loved one it hurts. But to consult a witch doctor is 2 invite demonic forces into ones life.