GBM challenges President Lungu

Lubinda, GBM , Lungu PF
Lubinda, GBM , Lungu PF

Opposition UPND vice president for administration Geoffrey Mwamba has challenged President Edgar Lungu to an electoral contest in the Kasama Central by-election.

Reacting to President Lungu’s recent remarks that the former Kasama Central MP is being a coward by challenging the declaration of his seat vacant, Mr Mwamba says the President should prove his remarks by personally challenging him in the by-election when it is called.


Mr. Mwamba says has told QFM News that he is eager to hand the President a humiliating electoral defeat so that he know who he is.

Asked whether he does not foresee the possibility of him losing the by-election when it is called, Mr. Mwamba has maintained that he cannot lose an election for a Parliamentary seat he once held.

Mr. Mwamba says President Lungu, having worked under him before, should know better his capabilities when it comes to elections.


He has also wondered why the people of Northern Province, where he comes from cannot vote for him when people of Eastern Province can vote for President Lungu.

Mr. Mwamba says the people of Kasama Central have been used by the ruling PF as a ladder for too long, but that this time around it will not be possible.




  1. Gbm no thinking, how can he tell the president to challenge him sure? Waht a vice presido.

  2. Its sad that my friend GBM is still struggling with wisdom.GBM be descernful .UPND will historically lose the 2016 .zambians dont easily change goverments.UPND is misled PF is still loved by majority Zambians cause its simply not tribal

  3. Den phaides munazi you are shallow minded like gbm.of all the things you just chose to insult bembas and who told you bembas get married to fools like you like!stanyoko!

  4. Let lungu stand on unip ticket as president & GBM upnd mp.lungu wl lose,he jst depends on sata’s legacy.if lungu stood on unip ticket last time in january,he wud hav lost heavily.

  5. Gbm chipuba.hw cn u compare 2 different thinks.hw do u challenge a president on a paliamentary seat.big head 4 nothing

  6. Thats politics….at times you play it simple by asking the impossible….Mugabe asked Obama if they could marry…At times in politics you play with the mind of your enemies so that you see their reactions….You all know that lungu cant contest parliamentary by elections but he can be challenged….kikikiki…

  7. Yestaday we pray 2gather with HH GBM at kwacha SDA n kitwe HH we r behind u at kopala bantu nabamona misango ya lungu takapita kuno ku coperbelt i ddnt expect at kopala ni forward cabe

  8. U people shoutin GBM even ECL if he was to form his party he was not goin to win. Pf populality under bashi chulufya made him popular same with GBM if he was choosen he was goin to be popular,tapaba nefyo mulwila.

  9. GBM is rotten thinking fool of all the times ! He always drinks himself. On one hand he says that he will teach the PF a lesson in Kasama and on the hand he challenges the declaration of his seat vacant.

  10. Let us avoid violence at all costs in the forthcoming Kasama-Central parliamentary by-election. The way peaceful campaigns where conducted in the recent past Mpulungu parliamentary by-election (in which PF emerged victorious) is the way the Kasama-Central campaigns should be peacefully conducted. If GBM is still popular, he will retain his parley-seat but if GBM is no longer popular in Kasama-Central, he will lose his parley-seat. I wish all contestants GOD’s blessings and may the best-candidate (in the eyes of ADONAI who is ZAMBI) peacefully carry the day. SMC.

  11. this tribe called bembas are like amafi ambwa u used to praise him wen he was in pf now that he has crosover to upnd z now useles to u nowander i cant and i wil naver mary a bemba idiot becouse u are like sheet to me u stick fools

    • You are just confirmin that upnd is not for any other tribe and GBM is just being used anf hence the reason why HH will never rule because if Bembas think the way you think then who will vote for Tonga party? You are one stupid fool you are insultin Bembas but you have a Bemba as your Vice President.

    • Madness at its best….. Does the law stop anybody from contesting based on tribe….. You were rejected by Bemba now you are twisting the story…. Such hatred will lead you nowhere…. And if you sit back we’ll continue ruling..

    • mr jimbi or watever u call yourself,i dont think we only av Bemba pipo in this coutry,so i wouldnt side that point where u ar sayin”if bembas think the way u think then who will vote for our Tonga party”to hell with your vote and yo tribe jimbi!!

  12. But GBM is very stupid indeed, how can he challenge a president when he is just a useless MP. Edgr wil never stand as an MP.

  13. tell him Lungu is bigger than a constituency. hence, that challenge shud. be directed to hh

  14. Noward Nask Sekeleti, am suprised at the reasonging of pipo who are saying they are a govt in waiting. How can a president stand at constituency level? And is this not tribal politics if u read the statement were it pipo of Kasama shud vote for him just like Easterners vote?.

  15. Gbm is a very dull minded person in politics, how can you challenge the Republican President on a parliamentary seat, that’s is why he float in kabwata in 2006 by One Given Lubinda, he then contested in the Kasama by-election after Saviour CHISHIMBA resigned the parliamentary seat in 2008.

  16. PF has used the people of kasama central as lader?who was the MP?kanshi nimwe mubomfya abantu nge mitanto panto nimwe bali ba MP. I think GBM is no right for kasama and I can’t wait to see him fail in election

  17. How do you challenge President Lungu as if he is the one to stand as an MP. GBM even if I stood with you, you will not win. The problem you have is pride because of the money you have. Money is not everything in life. Learn to work with people and if God wants you to have a certain position, at the right time in a right way , you will get it. If you are wise and read these comments, you will think twice and go to where you belong, serve and wait for your time.

  18. GBM you are a big fool ati I don’t know why pipo frm the north can nt vote for me if the pipo frm the east can vote for lungu already u are wrong the fat albert

  19. Can some one tell gbm 4 me tht he shud stand as a president if he want to challenge ECL th MAN coz ECL cnt stand as a MP 4 kasama bt th President of th all country Zambia

  20. Yaba aba bena ni missed call……tell gbm just to wait not ukulabwata bwata coz he will never step his foot in parliament again

    • CHIZA,GBM & TH UPND cant bring out N surprise next year…their cheks & blances hav gone so CHILDISH & PETTY.@ th president dozed kikikikiki he is a human being kaili @ the presdnt is sik..its mormal 4 any1 2. @ he drinks..hw many zambians drink? othrs @ expensive suits..u wnt him 2 apear shabby?? AM NAREP but sayng th truth,THE OPPOSITION is 2 WIK 2 unseat CHAGWA.

    • So ati balanda :p kanshi mafi yekayeka :o … Narep is too weak to even challenge fdd so I wonder if what you are sayinq will even add any sense.

    • #Chiza,go to hell you demon.You should also go and tell your impious and tyrranical hh to desist from propagating venomous hate speeches against our PF Government under the impeccable Leadership of H.E Edgar.C.Lungu.Inarguably,i’m not surprised by your doggish mentality because that is your nature