Peter Sinkamba to grace Peter Tosh show


GREEN Party President Peter Sinkamba, who has pinned his economic policy on the legalisation of medical marijuana, is expected to grace the Peter Tosh memorial show next month at Munda Wanga Botanic Gardens in Lusaka.
Peter Tosh (below) came on the world stage as an activist and solo artiste with his 1976 release Legalise It and worked to promote the legalisation of marijuana, equal rights and to expand Jamaica’s cultural and musical influence across the globe.

He was born as Winston Hubert McIntosh in the rural parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica, in 1944 before moving to the notorious slum of Trench Town (so named because it was built on the “trenches” that drained the sewage of nearby Kingston).
At age 16, his music served as a catalyst for a generation to fight for what they believed in.
On the other hand, Sinkamba, who built his name as a leading environmentalist battling against the country’s big copper mines, wants cannabis’ legalisation for medicinal use and export of surplus crop to earn Zambia some foreign currency.

In his own words in an interview with the Guardian of the United Kingdom, Sinkamba said: “Historically, we’ve been the kind of people that have consumed a lot of marijuana… It is massively cultivated across the whole country [for the black market] … So what we’re saying is, look, let’s come out of it and legalise it.”
Anyhow, the Peter Tosh show on September 12 will be about celebrating the legacy of the man who strongly felt that music was a vital tool in any struggle.

His work promoted freedom and the struggle against injustice, and emphasised the connection between music and revolution by toting a guitar in the shape of an AK-47 rifle.
But obviously, there will not be any AK-47 rifles at Munda Wanga. Instead, it will be the likes of veteran musician Spuki Mulemwa, One Drop, Burning Youth, Mystic African, Bantu Roots, True African, Mama Diana, Peter Bob and Leonard and Rasheed from Malawi taking to the stage.

There is also a likelihood of a hiphop group from Sweden performing.
“We expect good music, there has been a lot of improvement. We will be also selling Peter Tosh-branded t-shirts and CDs of the musicians,” an official from Conscious Music, the organisers, told the Weekend Mail.