— GBM and HH living in denial – Kambwili

Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili has maintained that the Patriotic Front was still the most popular political party countrywide amid claims that it has lost popularity to the United Party for National Development UPND.

And Mr. Kambwili has charged that it was very dangerous  for Zambians to entrust UPND  president Hakainde Hichilema and his vice Geoffrey Mwamba with national leadership as the duo were cheap crooks who loved money.

Mr. Kambwili said failure by the UPND to hold Public meetings on the Copperbelt were it party President and his vice were on a campaign trail,  proved that the party was not popular on the Copperbelt.

He alleged that the party despite being granted permission to hold two public meeting in Luanshya yesterday failed to mobilise support due to their unpopularity and ended up going into markets, greeting people who were not responsive.


“GBM and his newly founded friend HH are living in denial as they have failed to accept that the UPND was only a small, regional and tribal party that has failed to cross the Kafue River. The UPND has in the recent past lost Chisanga, they lost Sichinga and also Kapita wards who all cited tribalism as their reasons for leaving the party” Kambwili said.

He added that HH will receive a shock of his life come 2016 elections and would end up retiring from active politics as he losses the 2016 elections yet again.

He also explained that GBM’s law suit against the speaker of the national assembly was yet more evidence that he has lost popularity even in his former constituency as it shows that he was scared of facing the election.


“In politics you test your popularity by way of election and the law suit was just an act of cheap politicking and a mere abuse of the legal process because my brother GBM knows that he can’t pass through if he challenged Kasama central, he will fail lamentably “he added.


He boasted of popularity saying the Pf had touched all areas of human endeavour in their development agenda and that the opposition was merely jealous and trying to take advantage of the few ignorant people.

The chief government spokesperson further assured the nation that there was no looming medicine shortage in the country and that people spreading these false allegations were only politicking.

Kambwili added that people were also taking advantage of the current power deficit that the country was experiencing to gain political mileage.

He added that the problem was not peculiar to Zambia alone it was a regional crisis that had hit the southern region due to climate factors.



The parliamentarian also said the continued upward surge by the dollar against local currencies was yet another area in which the opposition were trying to gain grounds by claiming they can improve the economy.

He said the PF had grown the economy to up to 6.2 and 7 percent in the last two years with the world average economic growth rate standing at 0.2 percent which proves that the economy was stable.

“The issue of the dollar sky rocketing against other currencies was worldwide crisis and not only common to Zambia,  even the strongest economy the Chinese mighty  Yen had also slacken due to global factors as the dollar had just  grown strong. And this can only be addressed by the law of demand and supply through policies to counter the growth of the dollar such as increased exports and that cannot be done immediately it was a long term venture” he observed.



Mr. Kambwili alleged that HH was only cheating the people when  he says he  can transform the economy when he and his partner were crooks that seek to benefit themselves from every opportunity they get, hence the danger to entrust them with governing the nation.

He charged that GBM  loved money as evidenced from his past corruption charges in the ZESCO poles saga where he monopolised the tender and additionally he also monopolised the transportation of maize from FRA.

He also charged that HH also takes advantage of situations to make personal money out of every business he gets, citing that he benefited from the privatisation of Luanshya copper mines as well as Sun International hotels were he ended up being board chair.

Mr. Kambwili continued that the due loved money above anything else and given a chance to make government, they would steal all the money from the people of Zambia for their personal benefit.

The information minister was speaking to journalist in Luanshya today on the sidelines of the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the local authority and a non- governmental organisation PPHPZ spearheading improving housing facilities for poor people.


  1. Point of crrection Mr Govt Spokesman. I speak with authority, particularly in Mufulira. HH and GBM were not permitted 2 hold rallies in the district. Worse still gvt chose routes for 4 HH and his entourage 2 follow. They were NOT even allowed to stop in town or anywhere near markets. Above all they were given 4 hours 2 be in Mufulira. Inform the nation the truth. Instructions were clear that NO MEETINGS BUT MERELY GREETING PIPO WHO SHUD HAVE BEEN LINED UP IN SINGLE FILES. We cant blame the Police,those were instructions frm above.

  2. Some retarded zambians still thinking all supporting HH are southeners who tod you that? Wait for solwezi west if PF will pull through. Then u will knw if UPND is only for TONGAs if HH doesn’t pull thru in other areas like lubanseshi and kasama its their choice. I ve oways mentioned that lets be real. U cant support yo father dating another woman, u need to condamn. U cant support wrongs just u hate the other nop. U lack credibility.

  3. kuti mwalanda ifyo fine, Kabili imwe mulelya no kwina na mwine nabana benu baleya ku masukulu yamutengo.

  4. Zambia now is a failed state under Edgar Chapona Lungu unless we change government in 2016.


  6. Nonsense, Chelsea have recorded a first win today, I we kajamba u have failed many Zambian and we are changing for better and for good come 2016.

  7. Can some one wakeup this fool he will mess up the bed he is dreaming of PF wining in 2016.Kikikukikikikikikikikiki see you in opposition.

  8. There are no meds and equipment in sng gen hospital & Mr neckless says thr are deficits. nw we see dat thy ae jst professional idiots.

  9. There are no meds and equipment in sng gen hospital & Mr neckless says thr are deficits. nw we see dat thy ae jst professional idiots.

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  11. Kambwili u re a fool and we all knw that u were drinking beer so jst leave HH and GBM alone…..No matter what come 2016 UPND is ruling……u jemason drinker

  12. Hh gud presdent 4 aaall zambian pipo ba kambwili jx join them coz u cnt beat them they wil change zambia 4 gud m vote 4 hh 2016 live them alone mwefipuba

  13. Ba Kambwili, imwe tamufwaya indalama atini? only a fool can vote for PF, you are feeling the heat, just defect before its too late, people of Zambia are not fools, don’t blame us, you have failed on your on baba.

  14. Changa changaa idiot, am I from bantu botatwe? Is banda from there too??? Foolish and cheap politics….. You are the ones perpetuating tribal politics…useless kolwe

  15. It dangerous to trust Kambwili a self MP who only thinks of satisfying himself not people who voted for him.better vote for Mulyokela than Edger Lungu.

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  18. Ba Kambwili wesu, umuntu nga elefwaya kufwa alasabaila sana. Agony is failing to accept that you are dozing until fall head down.

  19. Please talk about the economic challenges the country is facing right now. Leave HH and Gbm alone.

  20. Kasama used to be the strong hold 4 PF bt 2day it’s nt,upnd hs a ward in kasama central 2day.ba kapyanga it’s One zambia One nation yama namushala na political trieb yalipwa ku northern naku southern takwaba

  21. @francise kapyanga wic bembas ar u talking abt nt from northern province and i don’t like polictics of triebs.pipo hv changed it’s one zambia one nation yama namushala.HH na GBM kontolola.com

  22. lol ts funny if I u read all the coments below,,they are all from Bantu Botatwe region,,,lol wat do u expct

  23. How can the economy become stable with the kwacha and its nose diving depreciation. Please someone educate this copperstone graduate the economy is not stable, which 7% growth is talking which only in his mind.

  24. Where is mikomfwa people where i saw large numbers that kambwili did not even mufulira. Its the reason ruling party lose they deniel themselves an opportunity to see what the opposition by refusing the public media to cover them so kambwili cant see anything just like his neck is hidden.

  25. Dont Know whos livin in denial here. GBM has deliver a ward in Kasama B4 GBM it wud b a dream 2 even think of winnin a ward in the entire luapula Northen And Muchinga.

  26. It was dangerous to entrust Edgar with the responsibility of running the affairs of this country look at how he has paid us back.The economy is worse than Somalia he has been in office for less than 8 months but the damage he has caused is worse than what is in Syria.And you expect votes from the copperbelt? 2016 kuya bebele after all pf died with Mr Sata and was buried when you sidelined Guy Scott.I have kept my voters card safely and will proudly vote for HH in 2016 no matter what you say about him will change our decision even Mr Sata was humiliated by RB regime they unlished tubena chanda chimbwii on him but that didn’t work for them actually he became more popular . Just enjoy your allowances next year we are sending you to the archives

    • u dont even know the sylian and somalian currencies. kulabwatafye. tell us and how they are trading to a dollar and other currencies.

    • Herod Mwila Mfula are u blind or u don’t go in banks to see how the kwacha is trading

    • is it only kwacha which has suffer lately? and what has that got to do with the economy? explain to me please? if you don’t understant certain things better research before talking.

  27. Yama naipena fye change before its too late. yo president EL has no vision and then u want us to vote for him?

  28. mr kambwili u forget elsy tht at one u wntd to be the prsdent of zambia bt nw wht hapend? jst change we vote for hh with in 2016.


  30. Keep feeding the president with false propaganda while we work… sounds good sounds good the music i love #via singing

    • 2016 HH and GBM will go into seclusion, unless if u don’t know what a bemba vote is capable of doing

  31. HH and GBM had successful meetings in mufulira today and if some1 is still doubting then i see them suffering from BP soon. Thanx mufulira.

    • Prior to the Jan 2015 elections HH had a successiful rally not meeting at Kamuchanga groungs which is a stone throw from my home. People flocked to the rally like nobody’s business! Most of them were saying’ twaya tutambeko indeke!’ This was evidenced by the number of votes he got from all the constituencies here. Like someone said if HH stands against KAMBWILI in any of the constituencies on the copperbelt, it would be a landslide for CK. And that is true bwana! Dont be deceived: MAFUKENI, labenikofye bwana!!!!!!!!!!!