Get out of PF, Lungu tells critics

President Edgar Lungu
Stalwart Investments Ltd CEO bought the President portrait at K59 thousand during the Meet the President Edgar Lungu Dinner Dancer a t MICC

Republican President Edgar Lungu has asked party members that are wishing the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) defeat in the 2016 general elections to leave the party.

President Lungu has particularly advised party members that are criticizing him and his administration to get out and join their company whom he has referred to as losers.

He says if such members think that the ruling PF is losing they should go where they think they will win, stating that as far as his party is concerned 7 wins out of 7 elections coupled with massive defections to his party, is good tidings.



President Lungu, who is also PF president, says he therefore finds it reverse logic for some parties that have been persistently losing in Parliamentary by-elections to think that they can win next year’s general elections.

He believes that the PF being a ruling party has a strong foundation that remains unparalleled by any party, past and present, because it is a people’s movement.

President Lungu has since urged all party structures across the country to dedicate to raising the standard of the party to the extent that those who have doubted PF’s resolve to deliver, can wake up to the shock of seeing the ruling party growing from strength to strength.



He is calling upon all party members across the country to rise, return to work and help rebuild the ruling PF.

The President was speaking last night in Lusaka during a fundraising dinner dance dubbed ‘Meet the President Dinner Dance’ that was organized by the PF Media and Publicity Committee.

And President Lungu says his government will not be distracted by the pessimism that some people are showing by reducing the recently launched Action Plan on Youth Empowerment and Employment to a ‘500, 000 jobs’ debate.

He says as Head of State he is inspired by the hope and optimism of the Zambian youths that if they act together and courageously with government a new Zambia that is free from scandalous malice, hate speech and Zambia where everyone feels at home is possible.


President Lungu is convinced that government can and must do more for the youths because he does not think Zambia currently has an excuse of not raising a generation of entrepreneurs.

Speaking earlier at the same dinner PF National chairperson Ngosa Simbyakula observed that Zambia is standing at a critical point in history where citizens must choose right or wrong.

Dr. Simbyakula who is also Justice Minister however notes that his party has the right agenda for the country because the ruling party seeks not self praises but service to the nation.

In passing a vote of thanks, PF Media and Publicity Committee vice chairperson Sunday Chanda hailed President Lungu’s gesture of finding time out of his busy schedule to grace the dinner.

Among the notable people that attended the dinner included Republican Vice President Inonge Wina and Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda.

During the dinner President Lungu’s black hat was auctioned to a tune of US$10, 000 to a bidder to sought anonymity.

Other things that were auctioned were his black bow tie, Portraits and CD cassettes bearing his signature.



  1. upnds owez driming ve u seen ze way hh z moving around ze country nd he thnk he cn defeat us nxt year no no no its walla.

  2. This is why in the a developed democracy in the USA,the general populace do not belong to any party (Democrats or Republicans) its only the politicians themselves that are affiliated to these parties becoz they want pipo in general to freely analyse a person’s performance before they this column I ve seen pipo who know that under the current leadership the country’s economy is nosediving.there is no growth at all,but simply becoz they belong to PF it is ok.its rily sad.try to analyse things pipo.for instance wen this government came into power mealie meal a neccesity in every Zambian household was at K37 now it is K75.the dollar was at K5.68 now it has hit an all time low of K8.01.Wen the fuel price on the international market is being reduced here in this country,it is being increased.the debt this country is accumulating is alarming wen no plans are there of how it will be paid back.the medicines in hospitals are difficult to many more other things that the current leadership shud look at….wen the PF came into power they promised to make zambian lives better,meaning the mealie meal prices were to be reduced,the dollar was supposed to appreciate,even the fuel prices to be reduced, in short to be able to make this country productive so that it produces money for developmental projects.not doing developmental projects through borrowing.but its not the case.And there are no indications that things will improve becoz there is no communication to pipo about any immediate or long term measures that are being put in place to reverse the situation.this is how u analyse before u vote.even If its HH or EL or Nevers,or whoever,they should tell u as voter how they are going to make zambia productive.becoz running a country is a bussiness.and u can never have a productive bussiness if it entirely depends on borrowing.A bussiness shud make profit.and that’s wat u as a zambian shud ask these aspiring and current leaders how they will do that.only wen a government does that shall these prices go down and the dollar apreciate and borrowing reduce.Levy had this vision and was tirelessly working to achieve it.unfortunately its not there in the current leadership.and am surprised that they are other Zambians who want the same leadership to continue.Analyse things,look at the key perfomance indicators and then decide who to vote for.its unfortunate pipo shun debates but all the same the vote wisely saying refers to one important word “Analysis”.

  3. I love one thing about pf supporters because they don’t insult and comment too much bt fight in the ballot box .awe u the best guys keep it up your smart president will wine again so easily to frustrate vs wo are so bitter

  4. Most leaders urge people to “hang in there”, “Stick together because together we can”. He speaks like he is always chasing people to the “losing side”. Lol. Keep chasing Your Excellency!

  5. Do you know how it feels to belong to a winning party? I knw
    you dont… Pls stop going forward
    in vain, jump into the boat and feel uninterupted pleasure!

  6. yes i am already out can you see this ?
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    31 July 2015 7.6520 7.6720 7.6620 11.9747 12.0090 11.9918 8.4578 8.4814 8.4696 0.6052 0.6073 0.6062

  7. Its the high time we voted for the right person, and not the party nor the tribe. * Leaving PF with immediate effect.

  8. They should leave our party before we start throwing them out 1 by 1 and they should join the party they think will win 2016 general elections.It doesnt make sense to criticise the club you belong to or else we will expel you.

  9. It is dangerous to think that those who critisize you are enemies rather than them being genuine friends. Thats why the bembas say, “mushebwa….!”

  10. things are bad for lazy people who can’t even make porridge on their owm but just want the president and government to make for them . shame on you , stand up and be innovative stop lazing around . there is room for you to excel just explore it

  11. You know, some people could really be so dull, imagin someone types, “Ifintu ni lungu, we shall not let you Down our president…” excuse me, are you working for Lungu or Lungu is working for you? Lungu should be the one to tell me that he won’t let me down and not the other way round. As a citizen, I am the Boss, Lungu is my servant, and this is my house…he works for me! Period! Times are hard, the Economy is bad, i am a human being and so is he, all he has to do is be honest, tell me the truth. Lungu should tell the people of Zambia the truth, what is happening? Education sector going down, power is horrible, kwamba is massively depreciating, national service workers are performing unprofessionally, the economy at large, is the worst as compared to previous Governments. What is Going on, Edger… Tell me something clear!

  12. pf is the only party that is balanced in terms of governance its leaders are from different tribes compared to regional party upnd . this means 2016 wil be walkover no matter what

    • mwassa mwebafwashi nt even mwanawasa did so we so greatful to pf. lubinda has park ever loosing president coz this is his end and u say we had hh wo was trying to be the president .

  13. The economy is in shambles and it’s getting worse . Zambia is headed for a disaster if we continue along this path.To our politicians all is well.

  14. am confused with some peoples reasoning in simple do u tell yo kids to keep quite by telling them that even yo neighbor has no mealie meal,yet u v different problems.load shedding that we are experiencing is artificial.

  15. Yes,zambians r watching bt honestly u cnt put da blame on da current gvt esp on loadsheding. How long does it take to construct jst a min solar plant wich cn produce 50 meg watts? Da prblm mu zambia we jst put da blme on pipo wen its nt necessary. Copper prices hv gone dwn nd u wat to put da blam on da gvt? Bane sure….

  16. ba pf u ve just failed period! things are getting worse, everything has just gone wrong. pf again ine teti

  17. Ba lungu bali mucibeeee bola naikosa lolo lolololololo……. singing! 2016 victory is yours my presido HH

  18. ifintu ni lungu wil cnt let u dwn ba president wil ar goin t vote fr u bt plz help has t remve out ma commander mu prison!!

  19. He spoke very well yes those who re not happy should jst leave and stop frustrating those who want to work for the party.Pantu abantu bambi nabamuselela kwakaba they like moving frm one party to another

  20. People are the ones who vote, but if Lungu has forgotten about it then and sorry. We don’t need arrogance in politics, its high time he realised that criticism is good for anyone to go forward. In kaonde they say ” uji mujito ke umvwa ncholoko ne.” Its people who are on the ground who knows what’s going on. He his being deceived by his kandiles.

  21. we already know lungu will win with a landslide victory in 2016.while the ever losing party of hh will come out third. hh thinks wen he has gbm or when he gruntles about the economy then he can win elections.but in 2016 zambians will humiliate him again.let me even take this opportunity to tel upnd cadrers to advise their man hh to stop wearing welenski clothes let him emulate our smart president Ecl

  22. The only thing Edgar Lungu has done is travelling just like what his boss RB was doing.

  23. Empty speech. Your opponents are busy on the ground meeting people. Cost of living will give the final verdict. Resolve issues and avoid such. It just exposes your insecurity and immaturity

  24. He is a joke”he thinks he is going anywher wit that arogance.bena wilber simusa who ar advising pf member to work hard ar not stupid. they can see beyond becoz thev got eyes’let him continue wit his language. he wil find himself standing alone oneday. let him not be dsivd by fake pipo around him.ther ther to suk him.

  25. Zuberi Mtalika say that again . who promised things within 90 days . Besides ehow caused these problems we are going through . Ba Ben 10 trying to fit in a discussion .

  26. dont worry mr president u ve a crying baby around u,he ll help u cry lyk he did wen he lost to Sata.if u were jst to take 1mnt of u time nd see how things re in u country sir then u ll believe that things re bad,bader,badesteeeee.God help us

  27. kikikikikikkiki bathu sibagona day and night lungu hh will never rule zambia he iz just wasting his time let tell u one thing during the timevp p f was in opposion i never head sata talking telling pipo lies .e g free education free univesity guys pliz not be cheated oky am sure u are old enough .about power iz the whole southern africa about economy its the whole world

    • Your Sata told us he was going to transform this country within 90 days but did he manage to do that in the three years that he ruled?

    • lubinda wen did u see vs kind of development all over the country ? u are just ungrateful God knows Pf has done the best look at the .infrastructure development u are just bitter bt your hh nt in Zambia .if you want upnd to rule put nkombo or mwamba as yo president

  28. Our dear president Lungu is allergic to criticism even from his own party members. Now let me tell you Edgar and your disciples, these people criticism you love PF so much and they are sensing danger ahead. Now instead of listening to them you are chasing them out of their beloved party. You go back to them running while crying because your disciples will be nowhere to be seen when that great day of your down fall will come. Mark my words.

  29. At first wen kampaigning,they called mmd as thieves,after winning the thieves ar welcomed into de party.hav de thieves repented?lets jst wet fo God’s govt

  30. This idea of always prophesying for people to leave your party or country has spiritual ramifications. People leave en masse ka.
    A great leader and commander ALWAYS rallies his troops to stay put and be of good cheer. Not each “go, leave, yendani, kamuzwa, kabiyeni. ..” . Ok.

  31. As long as kwacha is trading abov K8 for a dollar, as long as ubunga buli abov K70, as long as fuel is abov K10/ltr, aslong as thr is no employmnt for youths, aslong as loadshedding due to poor planning is there, as long as education is not a right but turned into a previlage, as long as educated pipo continue roaming the streets, as long has Zambia has a debt of abov $10 billion, THEN COUNT YOUR SELF OUT, zambians are watching u, they will definately ‘choose the right way’!!!

  32. Twa chula pa fula. nokula vota u tupuba ni fifine. now new party is coming FP. real a bana ba kwa sata.

  33. Thoz who r critical of ECL’s Presidency,r doing so coz they joined PF wit da idea of gettin rich.Nw dat their prospects av nt bn realised,they av started going at da Presidency.Let ECL work.Hw d u judge yo father wen he hs jst married yo mum for 7 months? Pipo mst also welcom new appointees in govt frm opposition parties coz u don’t join a party to work alone.Zambia is for all.

  34. RB almost threatened those who were advizing him about the wind blowing to the other side,

  35. Well well. Its people’s minds talking. thanks to pf 4 the peace we are Enjoying since the time of kk mankangala mushifukatilwa. No matter how much you may talk its the people who voted and we should not blame government. No president around the world was voted in power to give people money for free, but to maintain law and order. The problem we are facing in zambia is this that; we have allowed foreigners to dominate every earlies of our Economy thats why the dollar and pound are on high demand, why because foreigner dont keep their money in kwacha: but in foreign currency. So its high time government must put measures. What business zambian must do. And what foreigners must do in our country. Small shops and busineses must only be 4 zambian. Beckeries. Butcheries. Brick making. Takeaways. Clothing shops. And gardening. Landlords. Shops on rents. And many other things. We want big investors like zam beef. Mines. Commasure farmers and cement plants, sugar campany. Shoping mall must order their fresh products from zambia farmers. Any way am innocent chitalu vandamme most wanted commando by zambian soldiers. Upcoming worldwide leader by Theoc’racy. Chief in command of all chief in command, president of all presidents. HERO of all heroes global.

  36. what does Lungu E mean by saying words below if he fails to despline those who preach hate speech within his yard? (He says as Head of State he is inspired by the hope and optimism of the Zambian youths that if they act together and courageously with government a new Zambia that is free from scandalous malice, hate speech and Zambia where everyone feels at home is possible.) I wonder???????

  37. jst get out we cn do samthng even wthout u quacks.u r a disgrace 2 our party plz dnt cry nt year coz u wont b given en ministerial yo back

  38. wat fact do u ve? dnt cloz yo eyes it z stil day time wake up upnd cn nt 4om a gvt n 2016 coz ze chair is stil ours jst wait patiently lyk a pregnant woman n a labour ward waitn 4 her tym

  39. my president tel dem yoself coz i ve tried my best,sam oppositon r busy moving around the whole country buyn pipo’s attentions bt wat i knw a vote is a secret.

    • Naine Boss these loadshading, fuel prises, unemployment, high exchnge rate by the way its 12.25/Pound 7.83/Dollar how do u do business

  40. Somebody to brink his kinked suit so that we auction it and see wetha I t will fetch $10000 .then we will know he will beat Edgar Lungu in next years elections!

  41. Pf don’t be decieved with the by-elections u won we saw that b4 with rb! hh 2016 4ward.

    • rupiah never used to win by elections.yo corect example shud hv bn “u saw this with pf and mmd the time of mwanawasa”.pf wr winin by elections bt mmd won the this time its is winin everythng nd stil somone thinks upnd wil win next year hehehehe

    • it doesn’t even make any dfrence bcoz u hv never voted for pf.u r upnd so its the same.we wud get worried if u wr pf lol

    • Are u blind? First do u think the people Luapula,Northern,Lusaka,CB,Muchinga,Eastern power can change their minds overnight and decide to vote for upnd? Mulaibepa sana continue with yo dreams. Sometimes its good to dream pantu fimoneka kwati fyachine.

    • Are u blind? First do u think the people Luapula,Northern,Lusaka,CB,Muchinga,Eastern power can change their minds overnight and decide to vote for upnd? Mulaibepa sana continue with yo dreams. Sometimes its good to dream pantu fimoneka kwati fyachine.

    • Sata was Sata,he can never be compared to these small chaps calling themselves politrickers.what Sata achieved dislodging a seating government will probably happen after a century.anyway keep on dreaming!

  42. That is the good thing with democracy…telling people to leave the party and join others…but surprisingly when someone leaves and opposses you,that one you say u will crush them…No continue meandering arround the grobe sir and when you come back attend fundraising dinar dance…while we keep in walloping in poverty….Just visit mtendere clinic sir and see for yourself that not even a panadol is there….every time its prescription….We can assure you that we are watching your every step and we will decide soon…but am sure not you in our minds….

    • @Nyirenda you can exclude yourself…that is the good part with english…Coz u cant have soul 4 the poor…

  43. Bakifila reduce your fucking hat late towards my able President jubilee changu lungu sc!!!

  44. The guy is drunk with power he seems not to know that criticism builds . Can someone remind.the boss .

  45. not into politics but am getin a voters card just so dat I can vote for someone else who aint you,,u is educated,already rich,has a wife dat can speak straight english en most importantly is a sobber minded candidate..wanna guess edgar NUNGU?

    • LOL……..its fine, since you are not feeling how am feeling about the all lot of everything now. Zambia is going from bad to worse.

    • aaaaha try to check around in these other countries how there currencies are trading against a dollar south african rands or nigeria & convert into kwacha…….its just a crisis

  46. Efintu ni lungu we can’t let u down our president…we shall work hard 2build de country 2getha #Much luv 4my president