Exclusive: 5 things you don’t know about B-FLOW


1. After 7th Grade, I used to sell sweets and bubblegums at the corner of Kabwe Central Police because my mother struggled to pay my school fees in term 1 of my grade 8. So I reported at school in the middle of the term but still managed to catch up and passed my Grade 9 examinations with the 2nd best results at Broadway Basic School.

2.Weirdest moments: In high school I used to be the Headboy at Kabwe High School. I was quite tough on fellow pupils because I wanted to see discipline and good morals. One Monday morning however, I arrived in school from home. As I approached the quadrangle where we used to have our morning assembly, I realized junior pupils were laughing at me. It was strange because normally when they saw me, they would all become quiet. I asked one of them why they were laughing, then she said “Mr Headboy you’ve tacked your shirt into your boxer short and everybody can see it. I should have tacked into my trousers but I ended up being embarrassed that morning. It was quite weird I must say.

3.My mother has a lot to do with the kind of music I do. Firstly she used to listen to reggae music when I was young so she made me love Jamaican music which inspired me to begin singing dancehall. Secondly her struggles and sacrifices for me and my young brother as a single mother made me realise just how special women are.

4.I love to eat dry fish and chibwabwa. I’m in love with Zambian food especially those that are considered traditional like bondwe, kapenta and kalembula.

5.When I’m stressed, I bite my nails. I usually say I will never do that again but sometimes I don’t even realise it until am told. However very few people know that it’s a sign of me being stressed when I do that.