PF is desperate – Kabimba

Wynter M. Kabimba, ODS, SC

The opposition Rainbow Party has accused the Patriotic Front (PF) government of being desperate to show it is making progress in its infrastructure development agenda.

Rainbow Party president Leader Wynter Kabimba suspects that such desperation follows the PF government alleged misuse of public funds that were meant for the infrastructure projects late President Michael Sata initiated.


Speaking this morning at a media briefing held in Lusaka Mr. Kabimba says he believes that this is why the PF government is busy looking for fresh money to cover up for its misuse and squander of the public resources that were previously mobilized.


Mr. Kabimba states that he has no doubt that the PF government views the issuance of Eurobonds a window for potential cash cow to fund its 2016 general election campaign.

He says what the PF government is however doing is pushing Zambia back into a dangerous habit of borrowing beyond the economy’s means.


The Rainbow Party leader says this is because the contraction of debt through issuance of the Eurobonds has raised country’s foreign debt to US$6.05billion.

He notes that this is evidence enough to show that the PF government’s aim is to bankrupt the Zambian economy.

Mr. Kabimba has advised that the only way therefore to stop this from happening is to vote out the ruling PF before it inflicts more damage and destroys the livelihood of future generations.



  1. Kabimba naye of all colours sure why go fo another party’s colour? U also want to b Mr also me? Why didn’t u mix the colours to look like rainbow?