All sectors in the country are in a mess – Andrew Banda

Andrew Banda
Andrew Banda

Andrew Banda, the son of former President Rupiah Banda has charged that all the sectors in the country are in a mess due to poor economic management by the Patriotic Front.

Mr. Banda says when people talk about the mismanagement of the economy from an informed position; it is not that they detest their leadership but the manner in which they run the country.


He says the energy sector has collapsed even after the PF government was forewarned about it, and that they are now blaming it on nature.

He adds that the education sector has equally collapsed when education is supposed to be given top priority due to the end results.


Mr. Banda says the health and agriculture sectors have equally not been spared.

He has however commended the PF government for implementing the infrastructure development programme in the country even though they did not start it.


Mr. Banda states that Zambians will however not eat the infrastructure development but need their challenges to be addressed.




  1. It looks like what Andrew is saying there is the truth and sameone is guilty if there is trueth why paying attention.

  2. This Banda here needs medical attention he’s not okay, he has understood what is happening in Zambia after his father is out of state house? where were you when your father was the president of this nation?

  3. Sister u are tellin the truth , how cn someone like A. Banda talk like dat wen him and his whole intire family were the major contributors of all this , his too cumbersome tell him to go to hell

  4. Ubumpuba. You should be the last person to talt about the issues of this country coz its you n your father sho left this mess n you want to put the blame on the current government. Just finf something else to say.

  5. Way back wen they face problems,u cud see wise men sit down to find solutions for problems in order to serve or save pipo.Today its pf,fimo fimo,that one, i i i i i and me me me me and cho chise,….fyoto fyoto in upnd,in pf, in mmd and in rainbol. Are u sure u want to serve the zambians or to be served?

  6. Zambian news makers, Andrew Banda? Ruphia Banda we know but who the hell is andrew? Achoka pa chinena and wants to mislead banthu.

  7. Andrew you are the one in the mess. Well! Give us the solutions besides changing government.

  8. The 20 years of mmd in power is the reason y we are having this situation of serious load shedding because they did not plan for future,especially chilubas government.Levy p and rb started kariba and itez tez projects but it was too let.The current situation is simple to understand because its something natural,no leader can replace water in kariba,so the time pf came in power this problem of load shedding was already there, so let us be reasonable

  9. Ukucula kwena tulecula bt Andrew Banda shud be the last person to say that coz even his father has contributed to this mess.

  10. Andrew is a Moron who even insults his own father. If there is a mess in his home let him not think Zambia is in a mess. He got his 2 % from fratelo locci