No reason to change Govt in 2016 – Fr Bwalya

President Fr. Frank Bwalya ABZ
President Fr. Frank Bwalya ABZ

Father Frank Bwalya says political parties and media houses suggesting government will change hands in 2016 are wasting their time.

Father Bwalya a Patriotic Front member says it is not within the power of political parties or media houses to decide on behalf of the people of Zambia to change government.


In an interview with Qfm News, Father Bwalya has observed that history shows that when the people of Zambia want to change government they do not wait for political parties or the media to announce on their behalf.

Father Bwalya has recalled that when people wanted to change government from UNIP to MMD, it was clear for anyone to see because the people spoke out on their own that they wanted change.


He says it was the same when people opted to change government from MMD to PF.

Father Bwalya however notes that this is not the case at present because there is no reason why people would want to change government.


He says there is no way people would want regime change when President Edgar Lungu has performed so well.




  1. Don’t mind papa Bwalya. He isn’t even a father,fathers are found ku church. He thinks he is the one who will vote,it will be truly the grace of God for PF to remain in power next year. Nursing,police force and being in the Army are the only jobs available in the Government and the retiree age is 65,ashame on you papa! We are not naïve we no now,!

  2. you re campaining for Lungu and he gives u a lot of money hence u see no reasons,us in the mining see have our own reasons why what change u fool,you hav not told the nation why u left Pf and formed yo ABZ