I am standing for Kasama Central on the UPND ticket – GBM

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba from PF Cabinet
Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba from PF Cabinet

I have returned to Lusaka from the Northern Province where I have spent the last two weeks, initially with President Hakainde Hichilema and leading the campaigns for Bululu Ward by elections, which I am glad was scooped by our candidate. This is the first at grass root level that the UPND has got in the region and in the Constituency of which I have been Member of Parliament.

This is the beginning of our match into the region where we expect to make remarkable gains and take over the supremacy from the PF. The PF have lamentably failed to uplift the livelihoods of the people of this region and the nation as a whole.

Of interest is, suddenly the terrified PF through a Mr Kelvin Mutale Sampa and his agents have resorted to mislead people that I will not be standing for the parliamentary by elections. Let me reiterate my earlier statement, I am standing as a member of parliament for Kasama Central Constituency on the UPND ticket.


I urge the PF to concentrate on the strategies they will employ to claim this seat and not dwell on my participation. Surely they know that they will meet their waterloo here.. I am proud to be associated and courage, unlike their assumed candidate who has a questionable life and skeletons, including being a guest at Kamfinsa Prison.


I also wish to inform his agent,Max (Big Brother) Chongo, that this is not a reality show but one meant for strong , intelligent, principled and morally upright men and women.

Let the PF also know that we are aware that they have dispatched a horde of about 20 or more thugs from Lusaka and Copperbelt to cause confusion and intimidate the peace loving people of Kasama and Luwingu. To those individuals be forewarned that you may be making the biggest mistake of your lives.



Lastly, I wish to thank the people of Kasama for their usual support and by embarrassing these job seekers through the ballot box, by not voting for them in the recent by elections that took place in a Ward in Kasama Central. I am pretty sure and confident that this is what will happen again,

Good Day



  1. The last time i checked you were the mp for the said constituency where you allege pf has failed and again if im not dreaming you have challenged the speakers declaration of kasama central as vacant following your new position in an opposition upnd.

  2. And I caught, this is not a reality show but one meant for strong, intelligent, principled and morally upright men and woman. Now,I wonder if GBM has these qualities .May advice is,don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house. I mean a wife battler is not a morally upright man.

  3. Just yesterday you were in THE RULING PARTY but you failed to develop Kasama, now that you are UPND, you’ve found strategy to develop Kasama….GBM don’t cheat people. ULI CHISUSHI FYE. YOU CONFESSED THAT YOU ARE IN POLITICS FOR YOUR PERSONAL GAIN. WE MAFI WE. WHO CAN YOU CHEAT! AS PEOPLE OF KASAMA, YOU DON’T OWN US. GO YOUR WAY WITH YOUR BUSINESS.

    • I can’t believe that a brother in Christ would utter such insulting words against another human being just because of politics.Please my brother refrain from speaking like a non believer.You may not like the politics of GBM that’s your right but do not use abusive or vulgar language.The bible says love your enemies.

  4. Men of words he did what many people can’t do resign and even give a statement in the media. You are a true politician

  5. Poor leadership skills. A leader doesn’t jump boat cause things aren’t working he faces the problem and sorts out a coward is ready to point fingers and jump on other side. What will he do when things don’t go.his way next time join another party.

  6. Reading between the line.
    “PF has failed to develop kasama’ who is the MP? And for how long has he been in office? Since 2009

  7. If g.b.m realised that p.f wasn’t working with him as m.p.,he has the right to jump ship.After all,an m.p doesn’t work alone.

  8. way to go Mr mwamba if only zambia had 10 pipo in government like u zambia might be saved , pipo who stand by their priciples and not in it just to steal even when the president is comitting suicide you keep praising him like one man from roan

  9. The chap is still mp for kasama central until the courts decides otherwise coz he has contested the nullification of his seat thru the courts, but can he stand today and say PF has failed to develop the area? Bwana GBM, u claim to have so much money that u can line up k50 notes from lsk to kasama and yet u fail to use that money to help yr own relativesWhat is money for if it can’t be used to help others. Are u any different from the rich fool in the bible? It’s true knowledge and wisdom is better than riches.

  10. You were in govt so you also failed. Politicians can’t be trusted. Today barely a month after crossing over you say people have been living in poverty. I hope people in Kasama will vote wisely. “If the bring money eat but put your vote elsewhere”- MCS

  11. but chi GBM.this boy is dull oooo hw cn u blame th pf whn u ae th mp of tht area stop been a stubon fool idiot

  12. “The of have lamentably failed to uplift the living standards of people of Kasama”…..you have been pf ever since u went to parliament….so what are u saying…the speaker nullified your seat u take him to court coz u are saying m still pf mp…..politicians are hypocrites for real!!!”

  13. Zambian politics today ur in bed with a woman mailo ur the same one calling hule. Muleumfwako insoni

  14. I was wondering where the intercity bus terminus thugs have disappeared to. So they are in kasama!

  15. u re just tlking about bululu ward wht happened to u in chiba ward, is chiba not in kasama central? if so, sir where were u whn yo party oz loosing 800 againest 84? and to de u re claiming that u re going wine re u going to use magic? nd dont say pf has failed to develope kasama, who oz de mp if u re de one den we re going to vote u out 4 failling to develope de area under pf.

  16. pf has failed nd all dey know is stealing all thagz nowander dey ar doin shit.viva GBM

  17. Ubukopo ba GBM nangu limbi nimwe ba GMO.why have you rushed to the courts of law to cling to kasama seat,if you are so popular why are you playing delaying tactics.let go to the ring to prove the heavy weight between you and mutale sampa.

  18. This man is so dull,his been the MP of that area for this long and was in gvt for 3yrs,lelo ati the pf have failed the people of kasama??? Christ chap watch what you say in a bid to appear clever, you are just showing us that you are 5 sandwiches short of a pick nick basket…

    • Ruphia Ws The President Of Zambia And Mmd Bt Is Supportn Pf,what’s Wrong With Gbm Supportn Upnd?

    • I have never heard people from Southern said This tribe Will not rule this Country but is us from Northern who said that. who is tribalism between us. VJ support ed leaders from until some people changed his name to Vernon Mwansa what is wrong with GBM supporting HH.

    • Nobody is saying their is anything wrong with GBM supporting HH. For us it’s good riddance….

  19. Just the yesterday you were in ruling failed to develop kasama, now that you are UPND,you’ve found strategy to develop kasama….GBM don’t cheat people

    • He just can’t believe he’s being ruled by one Edgar Lungu whom he thought was a nonentity.

  20. In our bid to promote a One Zambia,One Nation,GBM is true patriot.Kudos GBM for being a true Zambian and crossing over to UPND