Opposition forms cartel to discredit PF

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GOVERNMENT says it is aware of a scheme and union of convenience by a cartel formed by a “desperate” opposition political party and a newspaper aimed at wrestling power from the Patriotic Front (PF).
Chief government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili said the cartel is desperate and making panicky efforts to hoodwink and influence people’s minds through negative portrayal of the PF administration.
Mr Kambwili, who is Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, said this in an interview in Lusaka yesterday.

“We are aware of a cartel that has been formed mainly to discredit Government at all costs. Just observe the way they have been covering President Edgar Lungu,” he said.
Mr Kambwili said the people of Zambia are now aware of what they want and can no longer be cheated through negative publicity in some sections of the media.

He said the cartel has for a long time been trying to sway the thinking of the people by attacking President Lungu at any given opportunity.
Mr Kambwili said the newspaper in the cartel is now recording declining sales because people have lost interest in its manner of reporting.
He said the newspaper’s belief that it can influence readers’ opinions is misplaced and ineffective.
Mr Kambwili said people in Zambia are now in a position to make informed decisions.

And commenting on Father Leonard Chiti’s attacks on the PF government, Mr Kambwili advised Fr Chiti to concentrate on preaching the word of God or join politics.
“Fr Chiti is a United Party for National Development sympathiser, hence should not be taken seriously, especially when he attacks the PF,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Kambwili said the Chuundu Chaitwa organising committee has their right to either accept or reject the apology rendered by Government through Vice-President Inonge Wina over remarks made by PF secretary general Davies Chama.
Mr Kambwili said the apology that was made by government is sincere and that the resolutions of the committee should be respected.



  1. There again mr. Albert opening his mouth by trying to protect un idiot Chama. Munachimbala ukwasa kumatako, Utakwasi kumatako tali muntanga