Couple weds after courting for 16 years

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CHIEF Chikanta of Kalomo says successful marriages are those that are dependent on God, especially in times of difficulties.
And a lawmaker has appealed to married men never to beat their wives when there are differences in the home because women are there to be loved and not to be abused.

Speaking in Choma on Saturday during his son’s wedding, Chief Chikanta advised Kelvin Muzundu, a doctor, and Majory Subulwa, a teacher, to seek God when they face any challenges in their marriage.

The traditional leader urged the new-weds, who courted for 16 years, to use dialogue and God’s intervention in their endeavours.
“As parents, we shall not interfere in your marriage because it (marriage) is between the two of you, how you make it or break it is dependent on you.

“As parents, we are there as consultants but above all you can consult God whenever you have challenges,” Chief Chikanta said at the event graced by Dundumwezi member of Parliament Edgar Sing’ombe.
The traditional leader described his son’s marriage as “the right decision” especially that the couple courted for 16 years.
And Mr Sing’ombe appealed to married men never to beat their wives when resolving differences because women are there to be loved.

“I have been married for 22 years and I have never, not even one day, beaten my wife nor ‘grazed from outside’. If I managed to do that, it is possible for you (Dr Muzunda) and other men to do the same,” said the Parliamentarian, who also gave a cow as a gift to the new couple.
Mr Sing’ombe, who commended the couple for courting for over a decade, urged them to live a happy marriage worth emulating by the single youths of Chikanta chiefdom.
Southern Province deputy permanent secretary Douglas Ngimbu and Chief Simamba of Siavonga were among the dignitaries who attended the wedding ceremony held at Southern Water and Sewerage Company Lodge.