Divorce after is wife found with herbs under mattress

Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014
Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014

A LUSAKA man choose to divorce his wife after finding she had hidden herbs under their mattress.
The man said he got scared after discovering the traditional medicine that he decided it was time he put the lid on his eight-year-old marriage.
In a case where Rita Sakala, 32, of Chaisa sued Abishai Mwanza, 39, of Mandevu for divorce, Sakala said the two have been on separation for two years now.
“We’ve had so many disputes and when I suggested to my husband to have a family meeting he refused,” she said.
Sakala said Mwanza then took her back to her parents for counselling and told her she could return when his blood pressure normalised.
“He claimed his blood pressure was rising because I was causing him grief”, Sakala said.
She said however knows that Mwanza has another wife at the village and that is why he is giving her problems.
Sakala said they have suffered together in their marriage adding that they have even bought a car and seven herds of cattle.
However, Mwanza said Sakala does not want his child and parents.
He told the court that Sakala is fond of getting drunk and insulting his parents.
Mwanza denied before the court that they have a car and seven herds of cattle saying they only have two cattle.
He said he has never been happy with the fact that Sakala lied to him that she has three children from the same man and yet they are all from different men adding that, that is why he lost interest in her.
“She went to a pastor for prayers who told her if she wanted prayers, she needed to get rid of the herbs under our bed,” he said.
Passing judgement, Justice Mumba granted divorce and ordered Mwanza to compensate Sakala with a fine of K8,000.


Zambia Daily Mail


  1. That’s wrong, the wife was just securing love, which is reflected by the divorce itself that it had some shortfalls