‘Cash splashing’ man sued by neighbour’s hasuband

Divorce Court

A LUSAKA man is infuriated that his male neighbour has been giving money to his wife suspecting her of being in an adulterous relationship.
George Banda, 38, of Chaisa township said he has reason to suspect his wife of adultery because she always receives phone calls from his neighbour.

Speaking before Justice Lewis Mumba and Pauline Newa at the Matero Local Court where he dragged Belinda Zulu, 38, of Chipata township to court for divorce, Mumba said he requested for a family meeting to resolve their disputes but it did not take place.
Zulu consented to divorce adding that problems in their 13-year-old marriage started when her husband went to his village to visit his parents.

Zulu said her parents-in-law told Banda to divorce her because she could not have children.

“I have children from a previous relationship but not with my husband. My parents-in-laws told him to leave me saying it was not right for him to be keeping another man’s children,” she said.
Zulu said it is regrettable that even though she had earlier sued him for marriage reconciliation, it could not work adding that despite still loving Banda, she cannot force him
to love her.

According to court findings, Justice Mumba said it was clear that Banda and Zulu had been legally married.
He said it was also clear that Banda had lost interest in Zulu as he refused to reconcile with her.

To that effect, the court granted divorce and ordered Banda to compensate Zulu with a fine of K10, 000 and to also share all household property acquired together during the course of their marriage.

Zambia Daily Mail


  1. Husuband or husband, too much of those things y not preach Jesus so that those things of divorce dont happen.