Nevers Mumba asks Zambians to forgive MMD

MMD President Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba
MMD President Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba

Movement for Multiparty Democray (MMD) president Nevers Mumba has asked Zambians to forgive his party for the terrible mistakes it made in the past saying the time to turn a new page had come.
Dr Mumba said the MMD had gone through a brutal and merciless process of rebranding adding that harsh lessons have been learnt and that the bad elements have been flushed out.

Dr Mumba said this in a congratulatory message to MMD member Myson Phiri for winning the Kakumbi local government ward by-election in Malambo constituency in the Eastern province held on August 6.
Dr. Mumba also congratulated the MMD campaign team and grassroots structures for picking up the pieces and taking advantage of the new lease of life that has come to the party leadership since the 2011 elections.

“The MMD has gone through a brutal merciless process of re-branding. After the devastating 2011 election loss, we went through great tribulations and as a party; we were stripped of all our pride and were left almost naked so that God could begin working through us in a new process of rebirth and renewal”,  said Dr Mumba.
He also thanked the people of Kakumbi ward who have lit a candle of hope to start a fire which shall spread throughout the whole country in the midst of party chaos.

He added that the MMD which was founded on the word of God in John 17:1 which says “The hour has come,’ will rise from the ashes of loss brought on by corruption led by a family cartel.
He said Zambians have been wondering why the MMD which had started so well could end up as an arrogant and corrupt government.

Dr. Mumba said Zambians have been asking how a government with an unprecedented record of a middle income economy with $2.7 billion in reserves, poverty levels reduced from 80 percent to 60 percent and a brilliant record of massive infrastructure development projects could lose an election so disastrously.

He said when the MMD was in power, the exchange rate was at K4.60 to the dollar in 2011, maize at only K37 per bag and was the biggest party in the country with a huge advantage of incumbency.


  1. How old were u in 2011 and how old are u now ? Ubulimi bwakale .this man is heading to chainama .mark my words

  2. Zambian politics if believers don’t take leadership positions,that’s why we are having leaders who accept homosexual ,lesbianism and abortion.if you love your country thinking twice whom you are supporting,let’s support leaders who are Godly.

  3. Mumba is a day dreamer. Anyway I regret having voted for pf in 2011. We should have kept mmd but not under RB

  4. Just go back to church. U are the causing the political problems. You belong to the pulpit.

  5. When you stood, as Victory Minister, in front of God and declared that ‘joining politics would be a demotion’ he was listening and he believed you. The turned around betrayed yourself and went into politics….He took your word and DEMOTED you….the nonsense about changing times as an excuse for going back on your pledge does not hold water in God’s eyes… remain DEMOTED…..meaning you are not on God’s list of the chosen to rule.

  6. In 20years MMD built chembe bridge,levy ground and levy hospital.Thats y they drop dolar k350. 3 years of PF, infrastructure developments they have tried and no one wl remove their actions.if u are a real man u have to impregnant a wife withn 3months(Sata,2010)

  7. very soon it will be pf apologising for the bloody mess they have plunged our beloved zambia