‘FAZ restructuring may hinder progress’

Kalushi Bwalya-FAZ President

SOME Division One teams are concerned that the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) move to restructure the Premier League may affect the development of the game.
FAZ has constituted a four-member task force to spearhead the restructuring process.

Among the proposals in the restructuring process is the increment of teams in the Super Division from 16 to 18 and rezoning Division One.
Division One has 36 teams – 18 apiece in the Southern and Northern regions.
Kalulushi Modern Stars chairman Charles Sihole said in an interview yesterday that the idea is only economically good but a bad one for football development.

Sihole said zoning the league will lower competition because some regions within the country are behind in terms of football.
Sihole, however, said the move will reduce travel expenses for teams.
Mongu Youth Sports Academy secretary David Simwiinga said zoning the league will weaken competition, especially if it is done at provincial level.
Simwiinga said Western Province is one of the areas where football standards are low.

He, however, said the idea will make the running of football cheaper because travel expenses will reduce.
Gomes Football Club secretary Edwin Munanga said it will be good if the status quo continues because zoning the league will restrict competition.
Real Nakonde coach Maybin Chama said zoning the league is not good for football development.

Chama said zoning the league will dilute competition because weak regions will become weaker and will not be exposed to stiffer competition.
“For example, here in Nakonde it means we will only be playing against our fellow weak teams. We need to play strong opponents, I remember long time ago we only had one Division One league countrywide and the standards of football were high,” he said.


  1. Its not true in my opinion, the restructuring is meant to better the standards of the game.