Exclusive: Simple Innovation Lab develops new apps

innovative team

“Those who embrace technology have the opportunity to make their mark on the business, to innovate and steer companies,” says Simple Innovation Lab.

Simple Innovation Lab is a local startup which strives to solve both community and organizational problems by developing new technologies and products, and customizing strategies for organizations to thrive through a new generation which is rapidly changing.

Don Fidelis Chulu II and Nicky Edward Shitima are the brains behind this startup. Don who is an engineer likes to think of himself as a “Professional Day Dreamer” whilst Nicky is an accountant by profession and marketing strategist.

“Innovation is what will catapult every organization into the next generation because we have organizations that are unable to survive at second generation, they are only limited to what they are doing now.

“In the next generation technology is what will accelerate their growth. If they do not take up technology or simple innovation, they might not be able to survive the new innovation,” says Don.

So far, Simple Innovation Lab, has developed an online professional management platform called “Noticeboard”. Noticeboard was launched September 2014 and after seeing the potential of this project, the team decided to go into incubation as to rebuild the final product and make it more efficient.

Noticeboard is an online system which is location based and provides users with information based on where their located.

Noticeboard was GSEA finalist in Washington DC in April 2015. The platform won the local event and the team leader was invited to Washington, D.C. For the global event to participate against 42 other entrepreneurs from other countries. The platform placed in 8th out of 42 other entrepreneurs.

Nicky believes that ICT is key to development of Africa and the world as it is the most basic structure to perform the most complex activity.

The team is currently looking into other projects, which include GYMSoft, an OpenSource system that will allow gyms manage their members and classes and interaction, file sharing, work out routines. This is web based and will expand into providing clients with health and fitness gear.

FlatO is also another project Simple Innovation Lab is working on. This is a bed that has drawers so as to increase more space in a bedroom by avoiding buying big closets. This will later evolve into a smart bed that incorporates technology to better sleeping experiences.

Simple Innovation Lab says financing research and developing some of their products and marketing has not been easy.

“Innovation is something that has not really taken off in this country Zambia, but as Simple Innovation Lab we believe we can change that and add value not just to this country but become a major role player in the global economy and market”.

” We are just not going to rely on government when we have the mind and creativity.Our aim is to create employment.Everything starts with a dream. Challenges are inevitable but its important to say focused,” says Nicky.

Amongst other services, Simple Innovation Lab strives to solve organizational problems by developing strategies that help organizations accelerate into profit and leverage into the next generation by standing atop of their competition. Simple Innovation Lab also builds marketing strategies for organizations and restructuring for more efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.

The two can be contacted on +260966657510 or +260979679365
[email protected] [email protected]