PF is not dying -Kamba


PF Lusaka Province Youth Chairman Kennedy Kamba says there is no sign to suggest that the ruling party is dying, as claimed by the Rainbow Party.

Mr. Kamba says the PF is still enjoying support throughout the country, and cited the opening of the Dangote Cement Plant on the Copperbelt as one indication that the ruling party is not dying, but on the right track.

He says PF youths are happy that the cement plant will create employment and lead to reduction in prices of cement on the market.

Mr. Kamba has told ZNBC news in an interview that he was in Kasama recently and that the people are in support of development agenda that President Edgar Lungu has for the people in that area.

He says the PF has just won other by elections in Petauke, Mulobezi and Malambo and will also scoop the elections that will he held in Kasama and Lubanseshi constituencies.

And Lusaka province Chairlady Margaret Mumba had advised the opposition UPND not to be excited because of Geoffrey Mwamba joining the party.

Ms. Mumba has also cautioned the Peoples’ Party president Mike Mulongoti against issuing negative statements in the press.



  1. Does this Kamba even know when this plant was initiated? What is opening of a plant that was not initiated by you mean? Nothing, You can only be proud of opening a thing that u initiated to be constructed. Its unfortunate that the same youths are not picking up the information of what the people are saying on the ground. There is too much poverty in the country today, people can’t afford to send their children to school because of money, people can’t go to hospitals because of lack of drugs, Universities are closing becase of lack of direction, people are being suspended for fighting for their rights, people are threatened with dismasals for claiming what belongs to them. I wish Kamba could enter people”s hearts and see how they are thinking while watching the President open a plant that people can’t afford to benefit from. How are we going to buy that cement when there is no flow of money in the country? Most of that Cement will be exported. Pf is dying because the only beneficiaries of the Zambian cake are Ministers and Pf cadres, not Zambians at large.

  2. Iwe kamba u r a fool!!! Can’t u see that yo so called president has failed th people of zambia