Malawi Airline develops fault, delay APM entourage in Zambia

Malawi Airlines
Malawi Airlines

President Peter Mutharika returned safely to Malawi on Sunday but his entourage which accompnained him to Zambia were delayed in Lusaka after the Malawian Airline developed fault.

Sources at Kamuzu International Airport(KIA) told Nyasa Times that the officials, who included Minister of Agriculture Dr Allan Chiyembekeza and state chief spy Nicholous Dausi, were supposed to land at Kamuzu International Airport at around 17:35 PM but could not make it.

“Yes it’s true the officials are stranded in Zambia, in fact they were supposed to be here at KIA at around 17:35 PM but they are not here yet,” said our source.

Malawi Airlines public relations officer, Maganizo Mazeze, could not immediately provide an explanation on the development when contacted .

President Peter Mutharika went to Zambia for an official visit where he returned on Sunday where he went to attend the 89th Agricultural and commercial show.

As part of his state visit President Mutharika officially opened the 89th Zambia Agriculture and Commerce show in Lusaka.

He also held private bilateral talks with his Zambian counterpart Edgar Lungu on Friday evening at state house before attending a ‘mapwevupwevu’ dinner party hosted in his honor.



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