Let’s increase Agro exports-Lubinda

Given Lubinda , Minister of Agriculture
Given Lubinda (Former Minister of Agriculture

Agriculture and Livestock Minister Given Lubinda has called on agricultural stakeholders to come up with ideas and recommendations on how to enhance Zambia’s agricultural export .

Mr. Lubinda says government remains committed to embracing progressive ideas and recommendations that would enhance trade for the country to become the food basket for the region.

Mr. Lubinda was speaking in Lusaka during the symposium on how to make Zambia the food basket for the region through trade.

Meanwhile, the Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute (IAPRI) has observed the need to address the high cost of production that makes Zambia’s agricultural commodities not to be competitive on the international market.

IAPRI Research Director Antony Chapoto also urged the government to address the issue of ad hock import and export policies, which he says are detrimental to the growth of Zambia’s export trade.