300 quit UPND for PF

pf members

THREE hundred and six people in Bweengwa constituency in Monze have defected from the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) to the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).
During the meeting, some people clad in UPND regalia joyously took them off while chanting PF logans.


Fanwell Kabanji, who served as UPND vice-publicity secretary for Keemba ward said he decided to join the ruling party because he wants to work with a party that is bringing development in the country.


“I no longer want to be in the opposition UPND but I want to join and work with the PF because it has formed a government that is bringing a lot developmental works and promoting unity,”he said.
Praxtridah Gajamba said she has decided to join the PF because of its agenda to empower women to enable them support their families effectively.


And PF national mobilisation committee chairperson Paul Moonga welcomed the new members to the PF and urged the electorate in Bweengwa constituency to vote wisely and not on tribal grounds.
“The PF Government is working to develop the country and let us not be cheated when we can see the work it is doing. Do not let people come here to cheat you when they want your votes, this is a time to wake up,”he said.


Mr Moonga urged the electorate to be cautious of politicians claiming to be rich and who only turn to them for their votes and do not care about their welfare.
Later in an interview, PF Monze vice-chairman Francis Bwembya called upon Government to extend the National Registration Cards (NRCs) sensitisation programme to Bweengwa constituency where many potential voters do not have the national identity cards.
“We have conducted mobilisation tours and have found that people living in Namalyo, Nyimba, Nwilile and Kabungwe need NRCs and we are hoping that the Government will come fast to conduct registrations,” he said.


Meanwhile, NANCY SIAME reports in Lusaka that PF national mobilisation vice-chairman Nigel Mpakateni has called on all party members to unite and mobilise themselves in readiness for next year’s general elections.


Mr Mpakateni said the 2016 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government elections are nearing and that the party needs to start mobilising all its structures to enable it comfortably win the polls.


“PF has had many new members from different opposition political party and these new members have been handed over to the district officials for political continuity,” he said.
He urged party officials to welcome all new members in their wards, constituencies, districts and provinces with “open hands” like President Lungu has been doing.


Mr Mpakateni said politics is about numbers and the party must continue to welcome and embrace new members.
“To the new comers, please feel free to open up to your new found progressive party and friends and share your ideas on how to work better and build the party,” he said.



  1. Njala kaili,manje bangacite bwanji?Poverty is bad nd cn make u do just anythg!!#anyway can’t laugh at them

  2. Heheheheeeeeee.desperate people do desperate things indeed.ok, show us pictures of those who threw away the upnd regelia.even the upnd regelia that were thrown.i think that can spice your story.stop lying ba styopeti.you are just destroying your reputation

  3. This rubbish none defected i rushed wth a government vehicle to verify the report its all false.

  4. Don’t lie am in bweengwa,pipo are suffering here bcoz of pf,plz stop insulting the pipo of bweengwa,they can neva do that.stop dreaming.

  5. Keep on dreaming pa lusaka voice n your so called defections….2016 eradicating jemasons from state house

  6. They say if u cnt beat them join them.PF is the only party Zambia Upnd has no future busy hijacking PF MP as their Veep.

  7. One person was interviewed n he said “I want” so hw come 306 ????????????????????? Question marks z all uve left me with